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Online Computer Forensic Degree Programs, Find Top Computer Forensic Science Colleges & Universities, Career in Computer and Digital Forensics Majors and Cybercrime Investigations | SchoolandUniversity.com

Online Computer Forensic Degree Programs - Majors in Computer and Digital Forensics

Online Computer Forensic Degree Programs - Majors in Computer and Digital Forensics

Computer Forensic and cybercrime are the 3 terms; interconnected and of them complementing each other. In this age of ever advancing technology computer forensics has made its mark. It has proved to be the fastest growing sector or profession when it comes to computer security, law enforcement or cybercrime. Eventually each and every criminal investigation is based on the fact that any computer related to the investigation is detained and investigated. In recent past an observation was published that probably 90 percent and more of sounds, words, images of human recordings are stored in digital format making the computer storage an inevitable aspect of investigation; leading to very bright career prospects for computer forensics graduates. The skills required for conducting such investigations can range from knowledge about file formats, commercial software, and disk structures to investigation modus operandi and expert suggestions. One can acquire such talent or skills through either online computer forensics degree programs or with the help of a career in computer and digital forensics majors.

A better understanding of the changing trend can be had with the table below:
Crime Paper Based (Old Scenario) Electronic Counterpart
Forgery Photocopy E-Mail Spoofing
Data Manipulations False Accounting Data Diddling
Unauthorized Access Breaking and Entering Password Sniffing
Theft to Intellectual Assets Dumpster Diving Software Piracy
Damage Arson Virus/Denial of Service
We at shoolanduniversity.com try and help aspiring students to find top computer forensic science colleges and universities to seek best schools for cybercrime degree programs and cybercrime justice degree programs or best criminal justice schools in a broader aspect.

A few forensic experts have irregular income, especially for those who are self employed or work on call or case to case basis. Specialist witness might only be remunerated when they work on a particular case. This remuneration is often on hourly basis, which again has varsity of specialty, geographic location, and other factors. Prediction would be judgemental whereas we have tried to list below the common positions with average income for your reference:
Forensic Science Technician:$55,040
Medical Examiner:$45,000
Forensic Anthropologist:$56,450
Forensic Chemist:$66,000
Forensic Pathologist:$51,000
Forensic Psychologist:$57,000
http://www.forensicsciencedegree.org/salary-information-for-forensic-science-careers/ quotes that these are not the only jobs one can think of in the forensic science field. Skilled professionals can expect to earn in the range of $40,000 to $70,000 annually; depending on various factors affecting your income.

Field of computer forensics is very young and upcoming as compared to other forensic sciences. Though the pace of growth is tremendous the actual meaning of the term computer forensics is not yet clear to a lot many. People get confused between data analysis and data extraction and also the fitment of these processes in Computer Forensic. Foreign Governments, Foreign Corporations, Independent hackers, U.S competitors, disgruntled employees any one of these; can commit a cyber crime. United States Department of Justice Executive Office for United States Attorneys Washington, DC quoted "The complete definition of computer forensics is as follows: "The use of scientifically derived and proven methods toward the Analysis, Collection, Documentation, Identification, interpretation, preservation, validation and presentation of digital evidence derived from digital sources for the purpose of facilitating or furthering the reconstruction of events found to be criminal." Read More...

The key roles and responsibilities of certified computer forensic technicians are listed below:

  • Use of evolving and latest scientific methods for better results
  • Collection and preservation of data facts and figures
  • Validation of data
  • Identification of appropriate data
  • Analysis and interpretation of the digital data
  • Documentation and presentation of the final outcome or results as requireds

If one has done computer forensic software applications specialization or he has accomplished his/her Diploma in computer forensics, students who have done computer and digital forensics bachelors degree program or an masters degree in computer forensics, students carrying postgraduate Diploma in computer security and forensics science or degree of master of science in digital forensics and cyber investigations or phd in computer forensics they are either self employed or they work in different places such as:

  1. Government agencies
  2. Police departments
  3. Prosecutors' offices
  4. Law firms
  5. Insurance companies
  6. Hospitals and consulting firms
Bureau of labour statistics published the data on "Careers in forensics: Analysis, evidence, and law," in their Occupational Outlook handbook; to give a brief idea on the occupations or profiles of people working in Computer Forensic cybercrime segment.
  • Computer forensic investigators are supposed to acquire and investigate computers and electronic records as evidence related to a particular case. Recovering deleted files from a victim’s computer for evidence of fraud.
  • Crime scene photographers capture photographs of particulars related to a crime. Taking pictures at the crime scene, victim’s injuries, and many more objects on the crime scene.
  • Firearm and tool mark examiners are involved in studying the bullet striations, spent bullet casings, guns used and other annotations to assess the type of firearm used. These experts can also identify the tools utilised at crime scene, such as tools used at windows for forced entry in the house, office or building.
  • Forensic accountants are the experts who examine financial transactions associated to a lawful case or issue; to help to spot deceptive or unlawful action.
  • Forensic anthropologists are the ones who have that eye for human bones and use their knowledge in helping to conclude information related to age, height, and sex of a skeletal or any other remains. Anthropologists can also help to find or recover these remains.
  • Forensic artists are responsible for preparing art related works to help resolve a case. Classic examples are sketches of suspects as described by the witness or images generated with the help of computers of missing persons’ age progression.
  • Forensic biologists are the ones who minutely examine organic substances for performing DNA analysis of samples of hair or blood collected from the crime scene.
  • Forensic chemists as the name states are responsible for doing chemical analyses of evidence for substances like drugs, soil, and shards of glass.
  • Forensic document examiners basically deal in documentation related analysis of Printing, Inks and handwriting related types of proofs to verify the correctness of documents.
  • Forensic economists are the ones who smartly use aspects of economy based on theories and models to assess and calculate financial flaws in legal cases.
  • Forensic engineers are expert at interpreting physical evidences using their engineering skills. Reconstructing any mishap to decide its reasons in order to try to help and set up the parties responsible for legal and illegal acts.
  • Forensic nurses mainly are involved in providing nursing care to attacked victims to collect substantial evidences related to the incident. The aim is also to prevent future mishaps with the help of educational outreach programs.
  • Forensic pathologists are the medical doctors responsible for performing autopsies or conduct other investigations which in turn help to assess the cause of death.
  • Forensic psychologists work on logics of applied knowledge of human behaviour and thought processes; with regards to various legal contexts. It ranges from determining a defendant’s intellectual capability, developing the suspect’s psychological profile and assessing a witness’s trustworthiness.
  • Forensic social workers cater to the internal clients; i.e. they try to improve the lives of professionals and their families occupied in the legal system. Meeting a child and to make recommendation in the custody case linked to him or her or helping the evaluation to provide social services to criminal defendants.
  • Forensic toxicologists study fluids in a body and other evidence as well in order to help and decide whether any toxic substances such as drugs or alcohol were concerned in a crime or death. They are also found conducting drug tests for employers.
  • Latent print examiners work mainly on identifying and studying fingerprints, footprints, and related clues from a crime scene of the suspect.

Faculty Tenure Degree/ Program Degree Level
Cyber crime At least 2 but less than 4 years Computer Forensics WIA Bachelor's
Computer Forensics WIA Associate's
At least 4 or more years Cyber Security WIA Bachelor's
Forensic 1 term (15 weeks) or less Computer Hacking Forensics Investigator (CHFI) Program WIA Certificate
At least 1 but less than 2 years Forensics WIA Master's
Engineering Technology WIA Associate's
Criminology and Forensic Technology Associate's
Criminal Justice Associate's
Computer Forensics WIA Associate's
Chemistry WIA Associate's
Chemistry Associate's
Accountant WIA Associate's
Psychology Bachelor's
Computer Forensics WIA Bachelor's
Chemistry WIA Bachelor's
Biochemistry Bachelor's
At least 4 or more years Justice Administration Bachelor's
Information Technology - Computer Security & Forensics Bachelor's
Computer Information Systems Bachelor's
Communication Studies Bachelor's
Chemistry Bachelor's
B.S. in Information Technology Bachelor's
B.S. in Forensic Psychology Bachelor's
Area of Concentration B A Bachelor's
Anthropology B A Bachelor's
M.S. in Forensic Psychology Master's
Forensic Psychology Master's
Pathologists Assistant Internship Graduate
Interdisciplinary Forensics Graduate
More than 1 term but less than 1 year Post Master's Forensic Counseling Specialty Certificate
Network Security and ForensicsWIA Certificate
Network Security WIA Certificate
Information Security Administration WIA Certificate
Fundamentals of Network Security WIA Certificate
Forensic Sciences Certificate
Data Recovery and Video Forensics Certificate
Computer Forensics WIA Certificate
Computers 1 term (15 weeks) or less A+ Certification Program WIA Certificate
A+ Certification WIA Certificate
Banking & Financial Skills Training WIA Certificate
Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) WIA Certificate
Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS): .NET Framework 3.5, Win Forms Application Program WIA Certificate
At least 1 but less than 2 years Architectural Technology and Design WIA Certificate
Automation Systems IntegrationWIA Certificate
Computer and Network Technology Certificate
Computer Assistant WIA Certificate
Mechatronics Technology WIA Certificate
Network Administration WIA Certificate
Network Support and Administration WIA Certificate
PC Support Specialist WIA Certificate
PC Technician WIA Certificate
A+ Personal Computer Support Technician Dilpoma
Accounting Clerk WIA Dilpoma
Accounting Technician WIA Dilpoma
Administrative Assistant WIA Dilpoma
Administrative Support-Legal Secretary WIA Dilpoma
Computer Support Specialist WIA Dilpoma
Cosmetology Dilpoma
Esthetician Dilpoma
Mechanical Drafting and Design - CAD Drafter WIA Dilpoma
Nail Technician Dilpoma
Network Systems AdministrationWIA Dilpoma
Nursing Station Technician WIA Dilpoma
Nursing Station Technician WIA Dilpoma
PC Specialist Dilpoma
Pharmacy Technology WIA Dilpoma
Practical Nursing WIA Dilpoma
Professional Sales WIA Dilpoma
Sustainable Greenhouse Production Dilpoma
Sustainable Greenhouse Production WIA Dilpoma
Mechanical Engineering WIA Master's
Art WIA Master's
At least 2 but less than 4 years Accounting WIA Associate
Administrative Assistant/Software Support WIA Associate
Administrative Management Technology WIA Associate
Administrative Office Management WIA Associate
Architectural Technology and Design WIA Associate
Architectural Technology WIA Green Program Associate
Automation Robotics Engineering Technology WIA Associate
Business Administration Associate
Business Administration WIA Associate
Business and Computer Systems Management WIA Associate
Computer and Voice NetworkingWIA Associate
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technician WIA Associate
Computer Science WIA Associate
Computers/Information Management WIA Associate
E-Merging Computer Technology Associate
Fluid Power Engineering Technician WIA Associate
Graphic Design WIA Associate
Health Information TechnicianWIA Associate
Hydraulic Engineering Technician WIA Associate
Legal Administrative AssistantWIA Associate
Marketing WIA Associate
Mechanical Drafting and Design - CAD Drafter WIA Associate
Mechatronics Technology WIA Associate
Mobile Communications Technology Associate
Network Development Associate
Network Systems AdministrationWIA Associate
Networking Administration WIA Associate
Networking Services WIA Associate
Networking Specialist WIA Associate
Office Information Processing Specialist WIA Associate
Pharmacy Technology WIA Associate
Pneumatic Engineering Technician WIA Associate
Tool and Die/Moldmaking WIA Associate
Video Production Specialist WIA Associate
Web Design & Interactive Media Associate
Accounting WIA Bachelor's
Business Administration WIA Bachelor's
Computer Engineering Technology WIA Bachelor's
Electrical Engineering WIA Bachelor's
Electronic Engineering Technology WIA Bachelor's
Mechanical Engineering WIA Bachelor's
Numerical Computation Bachelor's
Advanced Office Specialist WIA Dilpoma
Architectural Technology and Design WIA Dilpoma
Architectural Technology WIA Green Program Dilpoma
Automated Machinery SystemsWIA Dilpoma
Automobile Mechanic WIA Dilpoma
Carpentry WIA Dilpoma
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Technician WIA Dilpoma
Graphic Design WIA Dilpoma
Machine Tool Technologies WIA Dilpoma
Mechatronics Technology WIA Dilpoma
Microcomputer Technology WIA Dilpoma
Networking Administration WIA Dilpoma
Networking Services WIA Dilpoma
Tool and Die/Moldmaking WIA Dilpoma
Video Production Specialist WIA Dilpoma
At least 4 or more years Agricultural Systems Management B S WIA Green Program Bachelor's
Business Administration WIA Bachelor's
Chemistry B A Bachelor's
Computer Engineering B Comp E Bachelor's
Computer Information Systems B S Bachelor's
Computer Science Bachelor's
Computer Science B A Bachelor's
Computer Science B S Bachelor's
Computer Science BS Comp Sc Bachelor's
Computer Science WIA Bachelor's
Electrical and Computer Engineering BS E C E Green Program Bachelor's
Electrical Engineering Bachelor's
Electrical Engineering B E E Bachelor's
Electronics Engineering Technology Bachelor's
Biostatistics Ph D Doctorate
Teachers of Computer, Keyboarding, and Related Technology Applications Master's
Computer Science M S Master's
Biostatistics M S Master's
More than 1 term but less than 1 year Advanced Medical Transcriptionist Specialist WIA Certificate
Basic CAD Drafting Certificate
Basic Electronics WIA Certificate
Business Principles Certificate
CISCO Network Associate WIA Certificate
Cisco Network Technician WIA Certificate
Cisco Networking Certificate
Cisco Networking (Associate) Certificate
Computer Skills WIA Certificate
Computers/Information Management Certificate
Electronic Technician I Certificate
Health Care Technician WIA Certificate
Help Desk Specialist WIA Certificate
Information Technology Infrastructure Certificate WIA Certificate
IT Specialist: Network Administration WIA Certificate
Microsoft Server Administrator Certificate
Netware Administrator WIA Certificate
Windows Administrator WIA Certificate
* WIA - Work Force Investment Act...Programs covered under WIA.

According to U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, all types of computer forensic cybercrime experts held approximately 12,030 wage and salary jobs. The competition is tough for getting a job or making a career in forensics because of the dynamic and thrilling aspect of work leading to popularity. The demand is likely to increase with a projected growth of 31 percent over the 2006–16 decade; which happens to be much quicker than the standard for all other professions.