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Friday the 13th - Obama education plan – Colorado flooding....Obama Government facing hard days..

Friday the 13th - Obama education plan – Colorado flooding....Obama Government facing hard days...

Colorado flooding obama bored friday 13
It seems troubles for President Obama's government do not seem to soften at all. President Barak Obama's new education plan 2013 announcements at buffalo university in august brought about a revolution in the traditional education setups. It has raised a kind of mayhem in the academic setup. The ranking system for colleges and universities is being proposed making the good and not so good colleges pulling up their socks and finding loop holes to the new education plan as their ranking is directly proportionate to the amount of Federal money that is going to flow in for them in coming years. Simultaneously the MOOC - Massive Open Online Course implementation is as such haunting the number of students taking up their academics at any of the ranked or non ranked school or university. It is so because these online courses would come in so cheap that it might cost peanuts as compared to normal tuition costs. The added advantage to these courses is that one can complete the syllabus at his/her own convenient time and also the exams dates and schedule are managed in the same manner.

On other hand "Colorado flooding has left Thousands in a devastated state while they still await help" The severity is so high that the town of Lyons has been evacuated. The record break rainfall of approx 9 inches in a few hours hammered Colorado, which created flooding streams – mudslides and spilling over earthen dams. Officials are on their toes since Wednesday night to ramp up evacuations for thousands of residents living in affected and to be affected areas due to flash flooding. Emergency workers are moved to aid all those who have got trapped in isolated towns by raging waters. The waters have brought in two major problems – threat to trap motorists in vehicles while cutting off the roads which happen to be emergency life lines and needed crucially to conduct rescue operations and emergency use."Stay out of your vehicle – stay home if possible,"the governor announced while declaring a state of emergency.

Just two days from the biggest terrorist attack of the century 09/11 which was being followed by 13/11 and that too a Friday….Frightened Friday The 13th…went viral across the country and the world as well…thinking of the worst to come. The fears of the unseen....prayers offered in churches across America were way beyond the regular chores. Those fears envisaged entire America; at least for 2 days till Friday - the day got over - with no unpleasant incidents, but not considering Colorado to be an incident of Friday - the 13th.