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Explore Colleges and Universities that provide Accredited Online High School Diploma or GED? Earn your Best Online Graduate Diploma and Find out Best Jobs you can get with High School Diploma | SchoolandUniversity.com

Accredited Online High School Diploma Courses

Accredited Online High School Diploma Courses

In this globally evolving corporate world, almost all organizations/alliance/companies seek job claimants with a minimum of high school diploma or a GED credential (General Educational Development). Nowadays nearly all the Americans possess one of it.

However; Educational Attainment from Census.Gov quotes that approximately 39 million people have not even attained their high school diploma. These are the ones who finally have to either lie in their job applications or might have to fake their diploma.

"A higher education is the single best investment you can make in your future," president Obama told the crowd in buffalo.


Diploma happens to be a Greek terminology used to describe a folded paper. It is generally used for a certificate, received by people on successful completion or accomplishing their academic learning tenure in professional school, high school, college, university or trade.

The United States of America uses this term to designate successful accomplishment of study and this term refers to the certificate received at official ritual or after recognized occasion.

Few other countries including Australia, Canada, U.K. and some Asian countries award and consider diploma to be "a aptitude certificate awarded on successful accomplishment of a course or study at a vocational institution, college or high schools; where the tenure usually is of two years or less. The standard of study is measured to be below the degree level studies.

Unlikely, in the U.S. a college diploma is referred to as a Bachelor's Degree from a college or an university. Though technically a college diploma might refer to any degree, it is not generally used with Doctor's or Master's degree. German Education System follows nearly the same pattern.

SchoolandUniversity.com has made efforts; to share information on general educational development career information through various diagrams in this article, which follows:
Education Stages
  • Diploma and Degree – The difference….

    As quoted above; the term diploma is understood and considered differently in different countries.
    • Technically diploma happens to be a certificate awarded once the ward successfully completes a course of study. However it is not utilized by many countries at its fullest worth.
    • In the United States of America, the term - College Diploma is used for a Bachelors Degree from a college or an university.
    • In few countries - Bachelor degrees are rewarded for undergraduate programs carried out by universities whereas, Diplomas are rewarded for college level, trade or high school courses, and they are lower in level than degree programs.
    • There are a few countries where only universities are eligible to reward degree certificates whereas in U.S.; universities as well as colleges have the authority to award degree certificates.
    • Diplomas are often awarded for precise lessons of study and at times it has also been noticed that diploma program are a subset to the degree program.
    • Specific Diploma programs like nursing may have tenure of up to 2 to 3 years.
    • Diploma programs are inclined towards job, as it is opted by more and more people looking at the possibility of getting in to a job very soon.
  • Segments - Diploma Programs:

    Diplomas are generally offered in successful conclusion of high-school studies and are categorized in segments of online and distance diploma:
    • Campus-Based Graduation Diplomas:
      This indicate successful completion of all established state and local requirements for a high-school diploma. Schools allow the students to work while they near the completion of their high-school diploma from 1-4 years after a student turns eighteen.
    • Adult or Continued-Education Diplomas:
      These are awarded for successful completion of on-campus or distance-based coursework that leads to passing the standardized General Educational Development Test (GED). The GED is awarded following tests in five academic subjects where the student scores higher than 60% of the sample set of graduating seniors.
  • Types of Diplomas:

    Any of the best online certificate courses and undergraduate diploma courses can be either of the types as mentioned below:
    • General Diploma
      General diploma; as the name states is awarded to nearly all the students who ever attains requirements in basic topics of English, Language and math. Graduation requirements vary as designed by the state's department of education. One can easily search for state's specific requirements including number of courses, subjects, attendance and much more by visiting the state's Department of Education website.
      • Four High School Level Science Classes
      • Four High School Level Math Classes
      • Four High School Level History Classes
      • Four High School Level English Classes
      • Seven to Nine High School Level Elective Classes

    • Honors Diploma
      Honors diploma is awarded to students on accomplishing honors and/or Advanced Placement courses in high school. Requirements vary as designed by the state's department of education and hence students are advised to inquire about receiving this diploma through their affiliated teachers/professors/counselors and alliance. Honors diploma also known as Advanced Placement exams also makes the students eligible for credits to courses upon entering college, which in turn helps them save money. Honors diplomas holders mostly become eligible for merit oriented scholarship at colleges, government or at private sources.
      • ACT/SAT/MME Testing
      • Four High School Level Science Classes (Mandatory)
        • Chemistry
        • Physical Science
        • Biology
      • Four High School Level Math Classes (Mandatory)
        • Algebra I
        • Algebra II
        • Geometry
      • Four High School Level History Classes (Mandatory)
        • Civics
        • World Geography
        • Economics
        • Michigan State History
      • Four High School Level English Classes (Mandatory)
        • American Literature
        • English I, II, III
        • College Writing
      • Seven to Nine High School Level Elective Classes (Mandatory)
        • Senior Workshop
        • Bible
        • Foreign Language

    • Occupational Diploma
      Occupational or vocational diplomas are the ones which are been given away to students who have completed an occupational training course or trade in high school. Occupational diploma is often awarded along with a certificate including specifics of the subjects such as electrical, metal work and woodworking. The competency demonstrated by this diploma enhances the eligibility of students for entry level jobs.
      • Four Science Classes
      • Four Math Classes
      • Four History Classes
      • Four English Classes
      • Five to Seven Elective Classes

    • General Education Development (GED) Diploma
      There are students who either were not able to finish their general diploma or the ones who failed the general diploma; and these are the students who can opt for the GED diploma (General Educational Development). These students need to opt for a qualified GED course and mandatorily pass the GED exam in order to attain this diploma. Best part is that it is considered, treated and accepted at par with high school diploma at nearly all the higher education alliances including colleges, trade school programs and universities as well.

    • Certificate of Attendance
      A certificate of attendance; often awarded to those who are special education students are been pronounced disabled and do not meet normal necessities due to an identified physical, mental or cognitive deformity or disability. The capacity level of the student becomes decisive of the requirements of the course.
      • Three Science Classes
      • Three Math Classes
      • Three History Classes
      • Three English Classes
      • Three to Five Elective Classes
    • * Please consider variance as it might differ from institute to institute. This is a mere guideline.
    • Various field/Diploma Studies:

      Below mentioned are some of the popular online high school diploma courses frequently taken up by individuals; which might prove to be helpful in getting the best jobs you can get with high school diploma:
      • Online diploma in business management and entrepreneurship
      • Graduate diploma in criminal justice
      • Online advanced diploma in information technology
      • Diploma in engineering
      • Online certificate in education administration
      • Advanced culinary arts professional diploma courses
      • Online health care management certificate and diploma programs
      • Online undergraduate diploma in nursing
      • Graduate diploma in social sciences
      • Postgraduate diploma in hospitality management 
    • High School diploma - Graduations in America

      Since 1974 this has been the year with a considerable hike in the number of U.S. students accomplishing their high school diploma and pushing down the rate of students who dropped out to its lowest since then. A helping hand by top online colleges and universities which provide information on high school diploma or GED has proved its worth. In spite of the consistent depressive image of America's schools, 90 percent is the forecasted figure to be achieved by 2020 by American students showing improving trends. Below chart would help us understand the concept in a better way.
      Graduations in America
    • Income/salary Effects on earning a High School Diploma

      Students/residents of the USA of age 25 or older with a high school diploma make a minimum of $10,260 which happens to be better average as compared to those without a high school diploma. Higher levels of degrees raises the bar of individual earnings prominently; those with a doctorate or professional degree might end up earning in the range of $78,674 to $103,996 (mean average) which happens to be more than the ones who did not attain their high school graduation. The below chart helps us understand the concept in a graphical manner.
      Average Earnings