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Online Graduate Degree Programs – Colleges of Undergraduate Studies

Online Graduate Degree Programs – Colleges of Undergraduate Studies

In the times when the economy is still in anguish where finding employment is as easy to achieve as winning a lottery ticket, individuals are thinking of this to be a good opportunity to move out of the forbidding job market to seek shelter in taking forward their education, earn a advanced degree to enhance the chances of getting a highly paid career upon graduation. People reach out for either the best online graduate college search or off-campus graduate programs which can lead them to graduate level degrees.

President Obama says "college has never been more expensive."

What is a graduate degree?

Graduate and Undergraduate - definition for students who come from colleges and universities of undergraduate studies - graduate degrees that are offered in America consist of master's degree and the doctoral degree, research and coursework happens to be the vital requirements for both. The in depth training, increased specialization and strength of instruction makes major difference between a graduate education and undergraduate education. Unlike undergraduate level; learning and studies are more self-directed at the graduate level.

Top online graduate degree programs even from the best online colleges and universities, kick off with a pre assumption that the students admitted are equipped enough with the basic fundamentals of their field of study. Basis the subject opted; either the courses might be quite formal with lectures of the faculties or they might be informal/in depth with major stress on debates and exchange of ideas between the professors and the incumbent. Unlike the lecture sessions the colloquium is held with few students where they might be asked to do presentations and contribute in debates at times. May it be the examination or the research papers, class participation or daily attendance everything stands important.

The requirements of the degree program are in designed and planned in terms of "credits/units/hours", where each course is entitled for three or four credits, which typically depicts the time spent in Hours in the lectures in the calls room along with the work or research involved. The student normally is supposed to accrue 24 credits for specific educational year if the university functions on a conventional two-semester system.

Master's Degrees

The master's degree is crafted in a manner to endow with enhanced education or coaching to the student's particular segment or aspect of skills, above and over the intensity of baccalaureate study. Master's degrees can be attained in different fields although they can be categorized in 2 major fields - Academic and Professional.

  • Academic Master's: The Traditional Arts, Science and humanities disciplines are the ones which can yield you a Master of Arts (M.A.) and Master of Science (M.S.) degrees. The Master of Science degree can also be attained in technical fields including engineering and agriculture where major emphasis is given on original research, research methodology, and field investigations. One or two years of full time study accompanies with 30 and 60 credits/hours are the basic requisites to accomplish this degree which might lead you directly to the doctoral level.

    The option of thesis or a non-thesis is available for many master's programs. The degree attained happens to be the same for the both the scenarios, though the educational necessities are a bit different. Students in the non-thesis segment are required to take up enhanced coursework instead of researching and preparing a thesis, concluding with a written and all-inclusive assessment post the completion of the coursework.

    However; students who have opted for the thesis component usually select a complete oral examination including both coursework and the thesis prepared by them.

  • Professional Master's: Professional Master's are the degree programs specially crafted and are designed in a manner which will guide the student to achieve; starting from the initiation of the program to a successful profession. These degrees are known as "terminal" master's programs, which is a indication that they will not help you attain doctoral programs. These master's degrees are usually selected by specific expressive titles, irrespective of the pattern - online or campus: These professional master's degrees are inclined towards undeviating appliance of skills and not towards evolving the current skill set or innovating new skills. These programs are well thought-out than academic degree programs, and have a requisite that every student opts or selects the same or identical program of study with a tenure of one to three years, basis the field of study and the institution they are studying in.

    These Professional degree programs more often have a requisite of completing approx 36 and 48 units, tenure of one to two years full time study, and generally without a thesis option. It is not mandatory to have a bachelor's degree in a specific field, whereas they may advise a considerable amount of former education or coursework in the area of subject selected.

  • Difference: Academic Master's Degree and Professional Master's Degree
    The basic and visible difference in the two segments happens to be the design or syllabus that is suitable to lead the student who aims to pursue a doctoral degree. Programs not leading to a Doctoral degree as called the terminal master's programs making the majority of professional master's degrees to be considered in this category. Units/Credits acquired in terminal master's programs stand fifty- fifty chances of getting applicable or transferred; to help the student intending to go for a doctoral degree in a while.

    A few of the institutions with held the admission for specific departments only for prospective doctoral students, who although are allowed to attain a terminal master's degree on successfully accomplishing a designated level of coursework/syllabus, but do not intend or continue with their doctoral work.

    Individuals; might come across institutions with a prerequisite of a Master's degree for admission in a doctoral program as a mandatory factory.

    It is advisable to ensure straight with the respective graduate departments to assess the configuration and policy-procedures related to the admission for the master's or the doctoral programs as different institutions have their different and varied set of policies – procedures and prerequisites.

    Doctoral Degrees

    The doctoral degrees are crafted to coach and educate research intellectual and, more often; skilled and talented prospective college and university member. A doctoral degree endorses the established competences as a skilled research intellectual/scholar in a precise discipline.

    The doctoral level degrees mainly comprise or include degrees such as
    • Ph.D. (doctor of philosophy)
    • Ed.D. (doctor of education)
    • D.B.A (doctor of business administration)
    These programs need sophisticated coursework, seminars, and the inscription of a thesis to portray the scholar's individual unique research, accomplished in the guidance of a faculty adviser.

    A complete examination after three to five years of study and completion of all coursework might lead to an agreement between the student and the adviser that the student is prepared. This assessment is specifically intended to evaluate the student's aptitude of utilizing skills acquired from end to end syllabus and autonomous learning in ingenious and innovative way. Students are required to exhibit considerable knowledge and skills in their selected field of study. Successful accomplishment of this assessment concludes the student's coursework and begins the time to focus on the research work.

    The Ph.D. degree is honored to scholars on attaining unique, innovative and noteworthy research, engraving a thesis that portrays the research work, and successfully convinced the panel of faculty members specializing in the discipline, about the fruitfulness of the research work. Tenure for the entire process of earning a doctoral degree, often may range from five to eight years, which is way ahead of the tenure for a bachelor's degree, basis the field of study and research.

    America hosts a variety of nontraditional doctoral programs - all with different set of prerequisites and needs unlike the traditional programs. Potential students are advised to ensure the basic requirements for entering a program they are considering and what are the needs to acquire the degree. University catalogs and Web sites, individual departments usually declare these requirements upfront. It is been observed among the students looking for a doctorate or professional degree, a degree in law happened to be on the priority list among men and women. Approximately three times more men and women are trying to attain attorneys' status as compared to earning a medical degree (MD).

    Some of the most popular degrees, selected or opted by the two genders, basis their popularity are been listed below for readers benefits…..
    Most Popular Master's Degrees for Men %
    Business Administration and Management 22.30%
    Electrical, Electronics & Communication Engr. 2.80%
    Education Leadership & Administration 2.70%
    Business/Commerce 2.50%
    Education 2.20%
    Accounting 2.00%
    Public Administration 1.60%
    Computer Science 1.50%
    Mechanical Engineering 1.50%
    Computer & Information Sciences 1.40%
    Most Popular Master's Degree for Women %
    Business Administration 11.40%
    Education 5.10%
    Social Work 4.20%
    Elementary Education 3.80%
    Curriculum and Instruction 3.60%
    Educational Leadership & Administration 3.30%
    Special Education 3.00%
    Counselor Education/School Counseling 2.60%
    Nursing/Registered Nurse 2.10%
    Reading Teacher Education 2.00%
    Most Popular Doctorate/Professional Degrees for Men %
    Law 31.50%
    Medicine (MD) 10.80%
    Pharmacy  5.30%
    Dentistry  3.50%
    Physical Therapy 2.80%
    Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy (DO) 2.40%
    Chiropractic 2.10%
    Electrical, Elec. & Communications 2.00%
    Chemistry 2.00%
    Educational Leadership & Administration 1.60%
    Most Popular Doctorate/Professional Degrees for Women %
    Law 25.60%
    Medicine (MD) 9.90%
    Pharmacy 9.20%
    Physical Therapy/Therapist 6.50%
    Dentistry 2.90%
    Educational Leadership & Administration 2.70%
    Osteopathic Medicine/Osteopathy 2.40%
    Veterinary Medicine 2.30%
    Clinical Psychology 2.20%
    Psychology 1.40%

    Tips & Warnings

    • First of all look out for best grad schools rankings.
    • Then read carefully the admission Policies – Procedures for these schools.
    • Check out all the requirements WRT financial aid eligibility requirements for graduate and professional degree students.
    • Research appropriate and adequate information on graduate assistantships and scholarships to help you fund your education up to certain extent.