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Find Top Accredited Online PhD Programs and Doctoral Degrees. Which is a Better Option; PhD Program or a Doctorate Degree? Search for Colleges and Universities Offering Ph.D. Distance Education Degree Programs - Best Schools with Online PhD Programs | SchoolandUniversity.com
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Online PhD Programs and Doctoral Degrees

Online PhD Programs and Doctoral Degrees

Individuals have observed, experienced and considered the importance of further education - specially post graduate education. Search for best schools with PhD programs followed with best colleges and universities offering PhD distance education degree programs is at a all time high. Student looking for quicker options might also opt for certificate of advanced graduate study, which has a shorter tenure as compared to the entire syllabus. It is been estimated that professional occupations and service related occupations will more likely generate additional fresh jobs with a significant pace; as compared to all other work-related groups in between 2008 to 2018. Replacements also will play a major role in creating many more job opportunities if compared to job growth. The numbers by Bureau of Labor indicate the momentous enhancement in the number of individuals going for Post graduation followed with Doctoral degrees.

Doctorate Degrees Population Growth

It is always advisable to plan or decide on your career or career moves well in advance and people who do this preplanning encounter some common questions
  • Where would I find accredited top online PhD programs?
  • Which are the best online doctoral degrees?
  • Which is the best online PhD program guide?
  • What makes the Doctorate and a PhD different from each other?
  • Which are the differences?
  • What is the tenure for attaining both the degrees?
  • What is the cost that one would incur to attain these degrees?
  • Which is a better option - PhD or Doctorate?
At any stage of one's career it is never too late to ask for advice from a faithful career advisor or your professor, supervisor or a senior member at your present or past college or university. These are the ones who if in case are not sure about how to guide you; will at least direct you to someone who could be of real help.

Simple and reader friendly explanation of these two terms would be "All Doctorates cannot be PhDs but all PhDs can be Doctorates". There are a small number of professional educational establishments offering doctorates which are not PhDs. They mainly consist of
  • Medicine (MD)
  • Veterinary Medicine (DVM)
  • Dental Science (DDS or DMD)
  • Law (JD)
  • Education (EdD or DEd)
  • Divinity (DD)
  • Business (DBA)
PhD happens to be an academic degree and not a professional degree and is the highest degree possible.

Difference PhD Vs Doctorate degree

The Doctorate and the PhD carry nearly the same characteristics, rules and regulations and too often are considered approximately equal. Requisites remain the same with regards to number of hours - usually 60 semester hours. The Prominent difference or the only reason that makes the two stand apart from each other; is that the PhD thesis is more inclined towards theoretical aspect however the Doctorate is mostly practical based and applied thought process/logics.

Individuals are advised to opt for something that would suit their being, style and most importantly something that is in their area of interest. Students who have accomplished themselves in a majority research position and are adamant to stick to it might go with the PhD, or else opt for the Doctorate. It happens to be an enhanced alternative for those individuals who believe in achieving the perquisites of job world well in advance before they really start their post-doctorate career.

Assignments - Coursework

May it be a PhD or a doctorate degree - both necessitate methodical assignments. Though, PhD assignments often are research oriented, the doctorate degree assignments/syllabus usually are inclined towards practice and application. In addition, the PhD coursework usually is meant to train a candidate for a specific topic/theme or focus on a definite field which might lead them to further studies or an education career at a university.

Thesis - Dissertations

Writing a thesis – dissertations happens to be a mandatory aspect for both - the Doctorate and a PhD student. Focus areas of both of them may differ where; the doctorate dissertation is all about the application of theory with research as a general syllabus, whereas the PhD thesis is inclined more towards research comprising of experiments, investigation, facts and figures, resolving queries to definite subjects or research dilemma. Apart from this, the second difference is pertaining to the assessment requirements. PhD programs approximately at all times need to give verbal justification at live discussions along with the thesis to a panel of professors and scholars. Exactly opposite is the case with a doctorate thesis which may be proposed for assessment and reviewed basis the written justification submitted along with the thesis.

Prospects after the Degree

PhD holders usually utilize their degree to carry on research in a definite segment or publish periodicals, bulletins, research papers - observations and scholarly books. Doctorate degree recipients usually use their skills for applying their learning through the degree education in a precise manner for a specific field. Teaching at colleges and universities is also a commonly opted career path for both; the PhD as well as a doctorate degree holder.

Academic Insight

There is considerable significance in each degree in the academic world. Usually, the PhD is allegedly one of the most meticulous and esteemed degree because research work carries high weight age in the academic circles. It's a widespread and debatable thinking that; individuals who have the skills and expertise; to research and resolve the issues (PhD holders) are the once who are appropriately qualified, wise and learned as compared to those who are occupied on applying the research and theory (doctorate holders) derived by the previous set of people.

Types of Doctorate/PhD Degree
Attaining a Doctoral Degree
  • Undergraduate education becomes mandatory for individuals seeking a doctorate or a Ph.D. degree in America. Few degree curriculums suggest, and even at times need, successful completion of a master's degree syllabus before moving in for a doctoral degree. These are needs which are purely basis the segment of study and the fundamentals of the institution awarding the degree. Also not to forget that individuals initiating the Ph.D. program who have only attained a bachelor's degree might be the ones who need one or more additional years of learning to attain a doctoral degree.
Doctoral Degrees
  • American universities generally host two main types of doctorates: Professional doctorate and a research doctorate. The Ph.D. happens to be a research doctorate, and so is different from professional doctorates, which are given away to medical doctors (M.D.), lawyers (J.D.) or veterinarians (D.V.M.). However; Ph.D. means Doctor of Philosophy, these degrees stand no boundaries to the segment of philosophy and is a broad term that refers to a doctoral degree in a varied sense of educational authority.
Overall list of Doctorates
  • Faculty of Economics, Social Science and Management
    1. Doctorate in Economics and Management
    2. Doctorate in Political and Social Science
    3. Doctorate in Information and Communication
  • Faculty of Computer Science
    1. Doctorate in Science (Computer Science)
  • Faculty of Science
    1. Doctorate in science(Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography, Science teaching)
    2. Doctorate in Veterinary Science
  • Faculty of Medicine
    1. Doctorate in Medical Science
    2. Doctorate in biomedical and pharmaceutical sciences
Doctorates - Academics and Professional
  • Doctorates dedicated and geared towards the academic research and study which includes philosophy (Ph.D.), social work (D.S.W.), or fine arts (D.F.A.), are called Academic doctorates. Individuals on successful completion of academic doctorate syllabus get associated at universities, conducting research and teaching students. However; a few others stand explicit to a convinced field, Ph.D.s gives the option of varied academic disciplines.
Professional Doctorates
  • Professional doctorates are the ones which are awarded or in other words are the ones that are attained to continue working in a definite quantifiable field, instead of conducting research or educating students. A few of the widespread professional doctorates are listed for your benefit :
    1. Doctor of Chiropractic (D.C.)
    2. Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D)
    3. Doctor of Dental Surgery (D.D.S.)
    4. Doctor of Medicine (M.D.)
    5. Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.)
    6. Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.)
  • Most of the professional doctorates are focused on medical practice; enlisted are a few professional doctoral degrees which are dedicated to non-medical careers.
    1. Lawyers must hold a Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree
    2. Doctor of Public Administration (D.P.A.)
    3. Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.)
    4. Doctor of Practical Theology (D.Th.P.)
    5. Doctor of Management (D.Mgt.)

Content of Studies

  • Individuals with a master's degree are eligible to initiate the work on a doctorate. A few of the doctoral degrees are also obtainable post a bachelor's degree, however; usually all the universities have Master's degree as an eligibility criteria. Generally entire doctoral syllabus is divided in three parts.
    1. Initial coursework and seminars, besides lab studies and written examinations.
    2. Second is "a set of advanced seminars and consortia". Here students are supposed to select a subject for their thesis, which as per the American norms is the doctorate level of a thesis.
    3. Third is a where the student executes an autonomous study which in turn will articulate as the foundation of the thesis.

Length of Study

  • Educational segment and the syllabus of the institute plays a major role in deciding the tenure required to earn a doctorate. Approximately 10 years is the time dedicated by students in medical and law to successfully attain their goals. In normal scenarios, attaining a doctorate in the academic segment might take seven to eight and a half years of study post bachelor's degree. So one can conclude that; nearly seven years plus, is what one needs to invest to attain a doctorate degree.

Job Outlook

  • It is been observed that businesses and organizations are keen on hiring individuals who have gained more expertise in a specific field by devoting significant number of years; over the one who does not have a doctorate degree. In education field as well, most of the universities stress more on candidates with a doctorate degree. Students seeking a career in autonomous development and research wither in science or psychology mandatorily needs a Ph.D. Below chart from Bureau of Labor statistics speaks for itself….
Employment and Job Opening