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What is Online Counseling? Online Counseling Support Services - Find out Complete List of Top Accredited Online Counseling Colleges and Universities, Online Counseling and Advising to Students Enrolled in both Online and On-Campus Classes, Online Communication with an Academic Counselor | SchoolandUniversity.com

Top Accredited Online Counseling Colleges

Top Accredited Online Counseling Colleges

What is online counseling?

A wide or broader aspect for understanding purpose says that “Online counseling is kind of professional assistance provided to those requiring counseling for mental health distress through Internet or in simple words counseling - online student support services. They are also known as counseling webinars, Cyber counseling and cyber learning, E-walk-in counseling, email counseling, online communication with an academic counselor.

When we say internet; these services are also offered via

  • Chat room assistance
  • Email
  • Live calls
  • Message boards
  • Online chat
  • Telephone
  • Text messaging
  • Video Conferencing
  • Voice

People and counselors have started using this online counseling system in addition to the traditional one; hopeful of the betterment of the patients or mentally distressed persona at a faster pace. There is a segment of people who feel that it can be considered to be a complete replacement for the traditional psychiatrist visits.

Tele psychology – a form of counseling has been prevailing since long. However the evolving video chat systems and internet facilities due to the prevailing broad band systems have shown overwhelming increase in the number of people approaching online counseling therapy.

For providing and getting online counseling; the counselor and the patient or the client needs to have a computer with an internet connection. Various forms and means of online counseling are:

  • Web counseling
  • E counseling
  • E therapy
  • Internet counseling

What is online counseling provided for…?

Online counseling is provided for a large variety of aspects. Enlisted are just merely a few of them….

Alcoholism Dysfunctional families Marriage Problems
Alternative Medicine Family Issues Massage Therapy
Anxiety Family Medicine Natural Medicine
Career Coaching Grief Help  Nutritional Advice
Chemical dependence Healthy relationships Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Chiropractic Questions Life Transition Relationship Problems
Codependence Love addiction Spiritual Guidance
Depression Low self-esteem issues Substance Abuse

How Can Students Use Online Counseling?

Online counseling works as a means of constant contact between the students and the counseling center or the counselor. It has proved it’s worth time and over again. Online counseling helps in facing, addressing and resolving the distress and challenges faced by students in their life. They are been counseled by licensed professional or a certified counselor. Sincere records of the facts discussed between the student and the counselor are been maintained for future purpose.

Online counseling services have become increasingly popular. Students who are miles away from such assistance – or are not ready to face the spotlight – or the ones who are afraisd of being confronted seek help through online counseling. These services are made available 24*7 – 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It also has prescribed policies and procedures for attending and reverting back to students about their anguish. All this comes under the jurisdiction and regulations drawn by the counseling centers or the community college or the alliance for students.

Advantages of Online Counseling for college students
  • Remote and rural students and people can seek assistance for mental health information or distress
  • Disabled, household, shy and the ones not ready to come out in public with their problem also can get help
  • Fairly affordable and convenient to a large extent
  • Easy way of accessing and authenticating the details/resolution shared by the online counselor - re checking the details on internet
  • People conveniently talk to family members and friends thru internet applications but are skeptical about discussing mental health; hence online counseling proved to be beneficial in such cases
  • Online counseling or E – therapy is a very important aspect to psychological health
Disadvantages of Online Counseling
  • No insurance coverage for therapies done through online counseling
  • Confidentiality – privacy at stake some times
  • Counselors are non reciprocate in emergency circumstances
  • Severe psychiatric situation cannot be handled online
  • Chances of providing help are less to those ailing from complicated and serious mental health issues
  • Facial expressions and body language are not visible to the online counselor to help him understand the severity and authenticity of the student
  • Legalities of getting aid strictly from an professional is at stake – anyone can treat anybody in and from any part of the world…however there are varied requirements for certified and professional counselors for practicing their profession which cannot be counter questioned

Alternatives to online counseling

  • Attend a support group
  • Do nothing at all
  • Face to face counseling
  • Read a self-help book
  • Talk to a friend or family member
  • Talk to your doctor
  • Telephoning a counseling helpline

Computers followed with internet have brought about a revolution in everyone’s life. We have started achieving things which were a distant dream for us. Online counseling has emerged as a completely new array in health discipline. It is a dynamic segment ruled and in need of amended policies and procedures for the betterment of all. Anyone - anywhere in this world can ask for online counseling help and anyone – anywhere in this world can provide/assist such people. However; it has a long way to go in order to prove its worth to the world.