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Green Jobs

Green Jobs

"Utah and the clean energy boom" quotes The Salth Lake Tribune... what does all this indicate...It is all about ecofriendly approach - Green Jobs.

A career or job that involves in any way to the mantra of three "R"s Reduce the use, Reuse and Recycle energy is called green jobs.

Broader aspect says that green jobs or career in green jobs can be termed as any of the activities related to less number of vehicles with enhanced fuel efficiency, policies and procedures caring about conservation of energy including no coal - no nuclear.

All these are backed up by products that are well made so that they are durable, healthy food by locally grown agricultural system, going organic and bringing about an end to chemical based mono agriculture as well as simplicity attained with less stuff.

Future where human actions are in agreement with earth's sustainability.

  • An acre per second or 116 square miles of rainforest are lost due to the selfish approach towards Mother Nature to fulfill the day-to-day needs of mankind.
  • Rising population resulting in human misconduct will surely result in a loss of 72 square miles to ever increasing deserts.
  • Human population likely to increase by 250,000.
  • Addition of 2,700 tons of chlorofluorocarbons to atmosphere.
  • Addition of 15 million tons of carbon to atmosphere.
  • More chances that our planet will grow a little hotter tonight and the waters will turn more acidic.
There is a dire need to curb this negative advancement. The best available option is a Green jobs Career; which means you earn while you serve., based on wide research has prepared a List of Green jobs or Green Careers in USA or in other words Environmental and Renewable Energy jobs.

Wind energy:

Human have been using wind power as a source of energy since centuries. It was also used as a source to generate electricity through wind turbines in last few decades. According to the bureau of labor statistics, generating capacity has increased to 39 percent till 2009 and is rapidly increasing trying to fulfill the demand. According to the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), the industry has witnessed accelerated growth of 39 percent year to year employing approx 85,000 Americans. The industry will grow resulting into the growth of employees at the same rapid rate. Wind energy sector is calling out to skilled professionals who want to utilize their expertise to enhance their jobs and careers in wind energy. It is so because sector is growing leaps and bounds to meet the ever increasing demand of self dependent, renewable and clean energy. Hence, it is one of the top growing Green Careers in USA.

Solar energy:

Human have been trying to tie up ever shining light and heat from Sun also known as solar energy; through ever evolving technologies to convert it to sources of energy such as Solar heater, Solar thermal power, Solar architecture, Solar Photovoltaic and many such more. According to the International energy agency, the world and job market in solar energy field should be ready to reap long term benefits of developing reasonable and infinite solar energy technology. Countries are likely to become more self-sufficient in terms of captive, infinite and clean energy resources. This will bring about considerable reduction in pollution resulting into better climate and on top of it will also keep the traditional fuel prices low. Careers in solar energy are already in high demand.

Green construction:

The attempt to think, design and construct healthy and more energy competent homes to tactfully use the resources with enhanced efficiency is known as Green construction. There is no rocket science or miracle involved; it is just that we are leaving lighter traces on environment by preserving our energy resources. This also involves usage of appropriate cost effective, energy efficient and low maintenance products while doing Green construction. To strike correct balance of sustainability between environment and construction of homes/offices is called Green construction.
A very good example to explain Green construction is of the newly evolved technique of using stiff and blown foamed insulation plastic used in building construction. Less energy usage and less green house gases are created as compared to the traditional methods and materials used for construction. Green construction careers and jobs are more inviting than ever.


Recycling happens to be a very varied, complex and expensive process at times. It is a process where waste material is used to create new and fresh supply of product of the same kind. Sometimes, waste material is used as raw material to manufacture fresh supply of some other product. Converting used office papers into fresh new office papers is a classic example of recycling. However; the cost to recycle used office paper into fresh and new ones is very expensive as compared to manufacturing new office paper from raw material and hence a different approach has been considered where paperboards are prepared from waste office papers which is not that expensive process.
Recycling as a process helps in different aspects of conservation such as usage of fresh raw material, reduced energy usage, reduced air and water pollution and all these resulting in reduced Green House gases. Recycling will become an inevitable need for mankind for survival in a longer run. Jobs and careers in recycling sector are very promising.

Engineering and Science:

This sector or field as you say uses a nice blending of creativeness of engineering and the technology evolved with the help of science to conserve natural resources of planet earth. The ideology of engineering in terms of Chemistry, Soil Science and Biology are used for developing current environmental affairs. The concept is widely used for improving different energy conservation projects and experiments such as public health, controlling air and water pollution, recycling, public health, waste disposals and many more.

We need to stop further damage to environment and simultaneously look out for more eco friendly options which are efficient enough to strike a balance between environment and the ever increasing survivors of planet earth. The awareness though not that intense in the initial decade has now started picking up pace where more and more people, organizations, countries and governments are inclined on environment conservation and are all set to put in all the required efforts to reach or achieve some mile stones in the segment.

May it be green jobs or green careers, may it be careers in wind energy or careers in solar energy, or may be careers as chemist, physicist, environmental scientist, green construction, landscape architect, civil engineer, architect, environmental engineer, hydrologist; all are and will be in high demand giving better prospects with an opportunity to serve planet earth.