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Are You Ready to Plan Your College Education? Why and How to plan your Dissertation? Resources for Planning Your Academic Career -Find Resources to Explore your Education Options - Top Online Schools for Your Career Development and Advancement | SchoolandUniversity.com
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Are You Ready to Plan Your College Education?

Are You Ready to Plan Your College Education?

Education happens to be a very fundamental investment towards the community and the country making its economy an aggressive one across the world. It is not supposed to be treated as an overhead – which you can be cut down in the economic meltdown – may it be personal or global.

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How to plan your education is a crucial task as it might be worth the decision or it might cost you your entire life. There are a few factors that are supposed to be considered before making the final decision or planning for your education. Broader aspect of planning your education may mean any one of the following:

  • Prepare for college
  • Returning to schools as an adult
  • Preparing for school checklists
  • Career assessment worksheet
  • Prepare for entrance and placement exams
  • Credit for prior learning
  • Personal education plan
  • Planning for post secondary education
  • Federal work study

Area of Interest

This is the first and foremost aspect that needs to be considered before deciding any further on your future plans. It is so because after a few years of education when you get in to careers – they are basically divided in two segments – Managers and Professionals. Individuals who are solely interested in a particular field and planning to go root level with that segment should opt for Master’s degree in the same field followed with a PhD would work out to be the best plan; this is the Professional segment. On the other hand one may find individuals who are interested in management careers. Here graduation field is given second priority and the prime focus is on the managing the resources. Degree in MBA followed with graduation is the best career path. Pursuing MBA after attaining a master’s degree is not advisable because chances are very less that the individual will pursue the same line of business after becoming a manager.

Financial Status and Position

Current financial status and position play a vital role while you plan your education. Risking your current job for pursuing further education is not advisable at all if there are people who are dependent on your income. Getting or hoping to get a scholarship for further studies is good – but true planning is when you are prepared to go for it even without scholarship.

Futuristic approach

Futuristic thought process is the best thing that can help your career planning. A degree in any specific field is worth going for if one can foresee or predict the career in good books at least for next two decades - basis the globalization trends. We are not inclined towards any specific field; still careers in management would have least of the problems – as they fit anywhere and everywhere; however specialized approaches are to be made after due diligence.

All this is then to be followed by planning for the cost of higher education. All this is to ensure how you will Pay for Education. A plan to finance your education or

  • Monthly payment plan
  • Find ways to reduce the cost of your degree
  • Various Military benefits
  • College saving plans
  • Education admission rates
  • Free application for federal student aid
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