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Campus Life: Explore Student Life on Campus and Resources. Looking for Planning Your Education and Pre-Collegiate Programs? The Facts of Campus Life - Computer-based Harassment on College Campuses; My College Life outside the Classroom, Preparing for College Campus Visit or College Fair? | SchoolandUniversity.com
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Campus Life: Student Life on College Campus and Activities

Campus Life: Student Life on College Campus and Activities

Forbes magazine recently published an article about campus life in America "Be The Biggest Hustler On Campus". It seems it is more than important an aspect which is proved by such articles in some of the leading newspapers and magazines.

Marriage and having a kid - are the only two scariest transitions faced by an individual apart from going to college or the first day of the campus life and exploring new places for student activities while you Plan your education; reports say. It is also a learning experience beyond the classroom. A large college or university campus enhances the gravity of the situation. No matter the size of the city the student hails from - the first day of campus life with thousands of new faces - personality students, that too on hundreds of acres of land - is for sure nerve racking.

SchoolandUniversity.com surveyed a range of schools - top colleges - best universities, with considerable and large sized campuses as well to gather feedbacks and opinions of people who already have undergone the aforesaid stress.

What is it that one needs to know about the campus they are going to attend the school or college. We have shortlisted some of the questions after due diligence:

  • How to preplan your college campus tour?

    It is advisable before enrolling and if not - at least before the first day of your class; a day or two’s tour of the college campus once - would help you reduce the anxiety once the school in real terms begins. Individuals preparing to attend the a top school or some of the best colleges or are trying to get a feel of the campus life - preparing for college campus visit or college fair always pays - attaining the most out of your visit.

    • Respect the rules - take a stroll as some of the college campuses allow pedestrians only - also this will help you know the route to reach some of your classes easily on foot - it will also prepare you to walk a lot during your academics years - helping you to prevent the Freshman 15 - do not forget to put on one of those good walking shoes.
    • You would want to visit your class as well - this would help you, if in case you decide to join the school or college - saving your time looking out for the right place. One may also look out for tentative classes - buildings - which you may likely take your classes at. Dining halls - dorms - student center and such important buildings are not to be missed.
    • Let yourself loose on your first campus visit - ones you are lost on the campus and while you are finding your way back - you will come across a lot of classes, buildings and offices which will make you feel comfortable on your first day and also helps you not to look dumbfounded freshman.
    • Talking to people - initiating conversations with people you come across on the campus tour would be of great help. Asking questions, though not a lot of them but adequate enough - to bus drivers, students - professors - office staff and all. These conversations might throw some light on campus facts that would not flow easily to you.
    • Surrounding areas including restaurants - ATMs - cafes bars; should also interest you on your campus visit as these are the places you would want and at times required to visit post your admission.
    • Call visitor center or main phone number to arrange and ask permission for a formal campus visit through campus tour guides during campus tour schedules.
    • Take notes and pictures during your visit for referring to it later - while making the final decision.
    • Taking a friend or parent for enhanced support always helps.
  • How to get occupied with Campus Activities?

    • Checking out the student service office for student postings about groups and activities on priority gives you a head start. Student governments - student newspapers - college sponsored events - minority groups and volunteering positions are of great benefit.
    • Athletic department - music department - theater departments allows freshers to participate with activities related to sports - orchestras - choirs - plays and many more areas of interest.
    • School of journalism - school of business and schools of science are typically known for those groups that they have for various majors allowing individuals to learn something new and at the same meet new people - friends.
    • Some ice breaking sessions in the dorm are specially organized so that all the students start knowing each other.
    • Making new friends and organized groups on campus will help with housing or roommate problems and also make you aware of the facts of campus life.
    • There are a number of groups and activities and campus resource program activities including Academic - social - cultural - spiritual - athletics - football - basketball - rugby - playing sports with intercollegiate teams - intramural and club sports to help you out with further involvements.
    • Student handbook - New Student orientations - residential operations and knowing that campus life is on social media doing things accordingly also helps a lot.
    • Off-campus housing and all-campus picnics prove to be extroversive factors.
    • Lost and found room - wellness-fitness center - summer classmates - workshop opportunities - planning for summer schedule provides more opportunities meeting new individuals and building that report with them.
  • How to handle harassment while at a college campus?

    Anybody and everybody have to deal with harassment or getting rubbed on the wrong side at some point in their life time. They are amongst the pros and cons of large campuses in spite of campus safety measurements imposed rigorously. The so horrifying experience is varied in nature including malicious - derogatory words/actions - personal or through electronics - Gender, race or sexual discrimination - unwanted sexual advances - stalking - spying - and many more. Computer-based harassment on college campuses and college sexual harassment are on a rise these days. College campuses are common areas for harassments and being tolerant to it is not at all advisable.

    • It may sound a bit odd, but unless you allow it to get in your brains; it should not affect you - Stay in control and take charge of the situation. Getting angry or depressed due to harassment would impact your health and studies - and give satisfaction to those who are harassing you. Try to keep calm - but this does not mean you should take it lightly.
    • Support system always works - keep yourself surrounded with friends and family who really are concerned about your well being. Do not hesitate to discuss the experience and feelings while considering the advice shared with you by your well wishers. This really should help because as said earlier someone of the support system would have faced this issue and so they would be well versed with it up to some extent.
    • Campus help is the utmost solution. All the colleges and universities have strict rules and regulations with regards to harassment. Never make the mistake of not reporting the inappropriate behavior to the campus admin - they might prove to be really helpful in curtailing the situation before it aggravates. Next in command is the campus security to ensure that the college and campus life is not frightening.
    • Sot legal help is required. Some forms of harassment are serious enough and need charges to be pressed to ensure things do not go out of control and are not repeated. Legal counsels are also there to handle situations if they are not dealt in a appropriate manner.
    • Take extra care of your confidential information regarding Bank statements - ATM cards and so on.
    • Learn how to defend yourself - which also would help to hone your confidence. A lot of colleges have started offering courses in self defense.
    • Take good note of crime prevention tips - college security programs - classroom emergency- campus code of conduct - campus safety watch program
  • What are the safety measures while on a college campus?

    Every individual on attaining adulthood dreams of experiencing the college life. But all this brings in some sincerity about practicing campus safety as well. We agree that students are over burdened taking care of exams - test papers - presentations - assignments and a lot more; but in this age, paying attention towards safety measures while on college campus is equally important.

    • Attending self defense classes is one of the prime options. You got to learn what parts of the body of the attacker to be aimed while you kick or punch in form of self defense. One step further - some campuses also have started sessions on How to avoid date rape incidents.
    • Check out on the location of emergency phones. Nearly all the colleges have started having emergency phones throughout the campus - linked directly to the college security office. Try and take a close note of locations of these phones on your daily route.
    • Walking on well lit corridors and well populated areas is always advisable. Avoiding deserted areas of campus is what needs to be done. Always have someone walk with you - especially in the nights.
    • Campus escorts are always there to help you out. They are the volunteers who are screened in advance. They come in help when you want to walk alone in nights through the campus.
    • A basic of keeping the door locked is not supposed to be ignored while you leave or are in the room - it is for your own safety.
    • Locate the fire extinguishers - smoke detectors - emergency exits - check if they are in proper working conditions.
    • Enjoy it - but ensure to go easy on alcohol. A report says nearly more than 1500 students die due to alcohol related injuries. It also affects your decision making power - specially in situations of acute emergencies.
    • Students are advised not to use ATMs at night or after hours. If incase it is unavoidable be aware of your surroundings - have a friend with you while visiting the ATM and take extra safety measures once the money is withdrawn.
  • How to get noticed while on a large campus?

    We do understand and agree to the fact that knowing all the 40,000 students at a go is very difficult but our tips would certainly help you to know more people on campus than most of the others.

    • Be a great student.
    • Involved with the campus community will help you become a part of that community.
    • Be active in the community.
    • Be present at all the big campus events - football games - fundraisers.
    • Stand out among your professors. Create your image so that they talk about you to other professors.
    • Professors will know you whenever you go in to a new class.
    • Show your inclination towards student government - an easy way of knowing a large number of students at a go.
    • Get a job on campus - at the bookstore - library - restaurant near the campus.