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Planning and Preparing for College - Prospective Students Resources. Why get prepared for life before and after High School? Get Connect with Students on Information about various Colleges, Majors and Careers, Research Colleges offering online and Distance Education | SchoolandUniversity.com
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Planning and Preparing for College - Prospective Students Resources

Planning and Preparing for College - Prospective Students Resources

We all would have read these news lines some or the other time. College students gather belongings to prepare for college life or Prepare your college bound child for financial success, Back to School News: Early College Entrance Preparation is advocated.

Why going to college as a fresher or a student who goes back to school - so very much important that you have to prepare for college? Every year millions of students and their families start preparing rigorously for their child going to the college. Everyone - every family have their own ways and means to prepare for college - which either end up benefiting the family and the individual or ends up with a lesson for the betterment of all. You and your family might have come across people in equal proportion who does and does not believe in the fact that "it is a stressful event to prepare for a college."

However; if we take up the ongoing scenarios we know that somewhere or the other the families or the individuals would have made a mistake in this most important aspect - and that is because they never had the required help - assistance - guidance in place at the right time.

People generally make mistakes because they are nervous about such big a transition in their life and fiscals. So instead of letting that happen to few more students and individuals - shcoolandUniversity.com has some tips to share with you all about this so called” Nerve racking transition”.

To start with we would suggest students that while in the last month of summer - they need to assess and reassess the final off-to-college checklist for a few of the things that might go unnoticed.

We will cover up all the required aspects - but to start with we will like to give you a tour to prepare for college mentally - bumpy but a wonderful transition.

Prepare yourself for the newness

Students planning and all set to go to a hometown college or across the country- should accept that this is the time of change. Students leaving home for the first time - staying away from the parental care might find it a bit more traumatic. But take the entire situation in a positive stride as it offers - ample opportunities to get exposed to a variety of people - varied ways of thinking - find yourself in a changed world and atmosphere - adaptability and a lot more. This is a temp phase and will pass out soon - leaving you with a lesson to live a happy and successful life. It will change the way you look at world and the way the world should look to you in future.

Support system is essential

Maintain stability with those who are near and also the ones who are not so near to you. This will help you to learn from these people who happen to be your support systems without any hesitation. The very few months at the college might be awe-inspiring - making you feel the grave need to talk to people who are not a part to this situation or atmosphere i.e. college friends and classmates. Individuals who are capable and eager of being self sufficient are still advised to preserve the relationship with those who are the one with your best interest as their priority - and will understand when you need them.

Time Management

Most students fall prey to poor time management. Take charge of the situation - buy and use a planner - handle your schedule appropriately. Always remember that under committing and over achieving is a better way to life instead of over committing and under achieving. Plan your activities and then commit yourself to different activities. You can make your course planning chart - social life - jobs (if applicable) more structured - productive and successful only through proficient and structured time management. Organized individuals tend to have more chances to be successful in life and career - so pull up your socks - get organized - avoid absorbing bad habits such as pending work - no track of whatever is going on in school and life.

Everyone needs and seeks help - time to time

Anticipating your transition to college to be a cake walk would be the biggest mistake. Not that it would be really very tough but yes it would not be easy either. Look out for resources one can seek help including: tutoring center - counseling services - disability services and many more. All college campus are well equipped with these resources to ensure the students college experience to be a pleasant one - so utilize these services - in case required.

Basic Hygiene

Once in college you should get serious about yourself and start taking care of yourself on your own. If you are the one who does not get up in time in the morning or are the one who needs more time for the morning schedules - better buck up and brace yourself to attain these skills. Remember - it is you who has to change - because if you do not then the stress created out of these small inabilities will start mounting and affecting your studies. - Balance your life.

If not Extrovert - don't be an Introvert as well

Going to a college will offer you with ample opportunities to get connected to a lot of people from varied fields and varied thought process. Interact with them and you might up end up making friends for a life time. You can make connections - strong enough to support your career and life in future - leading to success. Be open and willing to speak to people - know them and let them know you.

Once an individual find the college readiness within their selves - the next phase is of planning your activities.

  • All colleges encourage and appreciate that students apply for student financial aid application called FAFSA and submitting it well in advance. This procedure basically will assess the amount of financial aid and college funding options; you are eligible for a school year.

  • Try - speak and resolve all the financial aid conflicts with the financial aid officer. Schools will try their level best to shell out the bare minimum financial aid possible. You might end up in a situation where you receive a letter from the school asking for tuition fees - and that is the amount that you do not have as you relied on the financial aid you were to receive. You might have to make arrangements to pay for this amount - anyhow. Try and increase your loan amount which will help your tuition costs. Discuss at length all the possibilities for that extra help that you badly need.

  • Do not miss out on applying for all the scholarship opportunities that you get. Students do not pay attention to scholarships available to them when they hear from FAFSA about the financial aid available to them. Do not lose out on these golden opportunities. These are all free money for your benefit. Search for such financial aid opportunities

  • Preplan your accommodation according to your decision about staying on campus or off campus. You might have heard students talking about how pathetic room partner they had - or the most unwanted room in the dorm was the one where he was put up and many more; these are the ones who did not preplan or did not pitch in for the room of their choice in time. Filling up the application and sending it across at appropriate time would ensure you get what you want in terms of a room and the roommate too.

  • Summer jobs can be bliss for you. Though all your tuition costs are covered and paid for - there are other expenses warranted for including books - supplies - food and many more items that you might need. This advice is something that you will surely thank SchoolandUniversity.com for. This will come as a handy help to all your petty requirements.

  • Summer job followed with a checking account is like an added advantage and a wise thing. It is never a good idea to keep a good amount of cash with you or in the dorm room on the campus. Irrespective of the security claims - you have to be extra cautious about your money. Checking account comes with a card which helps you withdraw money from ATMs - make purchases at most of stores. The best thing about this card is that it would be the toughest assignment for someone to use it if lost or stolen. And top of it - your parents also can deposit money which you can withdraw - just in case.

  • Once all is nearly set - make a list and start shopping on school supplies. School's website - handbook and the counselor would be of help to guide you about things that students can and cannot have in their dorms. Items including fridge - microwaves and many more. It has been noticed that when the school are about to start things tend to vanish from shelves of the stores and many students have to compromise with their necessities. Also it is not necessary to buy these things new from the market - because you practice good study habits - some relative overwhelmingly may gift you a few of the appliances/supplies.

  • Books are the costliest affair and one of the high academic demands. You need to have a real big fortune to match up the requirement of latest books. Follow a few basic rules that have been followed by some smart students since years together. Buy used books - buy books online earlier than others. You are likely to get used books at much cheaper rate as compared to school bookstores. And the third thing one can do is to look out for use books from the seniors as they are amongst the prospective student resources. Get in touch with students with the same class before you and you are likely to get their used books at nearly 50% rates - same as used books dealer/website would have purchased it from them.

  • Try and find out who all are your room and dorm mates in the accommodation provided by college campuses. Then try to get in touch with them which will ensure you to stay away from some of the problems. IT is so because just a single phone call would help you know many more things about your room mate. Schools usually nowadays share email and IM addresses to encourage roommates to know each other before even they start living in the same room. It assists in determining the likes and dislikes of each other. May be you are a night rider whereas your roommate is a rooster and wakes up early - this might create small issues when you live together - which can be identified - resolved - alternatives worked upon, when you speak to each other before you get to stay together.

  • Visiting the campus and surrounding areas before you move in would be of great help. Students not aware of the way to and from college - means of travelling to the college and the facilities available in the surroundings may fall prey to petty or major issues. Campus life is meant to be enjoyed thoroughly....Do so.

Now that you have prepared academically for college - let's take a quick look at things which usually slip out of your mind. A survey suggests those things to be...

  • A safe or some sort of safe storage for valuable items
  • Additional fan
  • Air freshener
  • Bedside table
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Coffeemaker
  • Dorm room snacks
  • Electrical power strip
  • Extra batteries
  • First-aid kit and medicine, such as aspirin and Pepto-Bismol
  • Flashlight
  • Ironing board and iron
  • Lint roller
  • Luggage bag/suitcase
  • Plates and utensils
  • Rain boots
  • Shower shoes/flip-flops
  • Storage bins
  • Suit or work dress
  • Sunscreen
  • Umbrella
  • Vacuum or handheld vacuum
  • Whiteboard/cork board

High school times were full of fun and schedules while you earn college credit in high school; making you busy enough to miss out on some important aspects involved with college search and college application process. Her's a comprehensive college preparation checklist for the benefit of freshmen and sophomore individuals:

Freshmen: - college planning tips for juniors
  • Be fully aware of how to prepare for college registration?
  • Prepare for college admissions interview
  • Join a college prep courses; if you feel the need.
  • Choosing courses to prepare for college is crucial so opt for tough syllabus in core academic courses.
  • Community and leadership based activities give you good exposure - register for it.
  • How about AP and Honors courses? - Speak to the school advisor or counselor - now.
  • Seek help and advice from school counselor in order to put in place a schedule to meet your successful graduation requirements.
  • Keep a habit to jot down all your accomplishments - rewards- recognitions; they will help you put up your resume as an achiever - go getter.
  • Doing considerable online research and attending career fairs and events to find out more in depth details about the career you want to pursue would be beneficial to give you a head start on completion of your studies.
  • Start saving money for college - you will need it.
  • Do not miss out on college and career information events- they are for your good.
  • Look out for granular details about financial aid - apply for all scholarships - grants - loans and so on.
  • Do not hesitate to reach out to mentors and seniors in your area of interest.
  • Keep revisiting the college and career options - it will surely help.
  • Prepare and appear for practice tests including PSAT and other free online courses and aptitude tests.
  • Prepare for college placement test