Best Fashion Design and Modeling Colleges

Best Fashion Design and Modeling Colleges

Christie Brinkley has still got what it takes! or may be Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the loveliest of them all?.

These are some of the headlines about the TOP Models or TOP modeling personalities which have lured all of us at some time or the other. The fantasy and the adrenaline rush of meeting a model and being a model is way different. We even feel the pinch of success when we see models photos, models pictures or models pics on world wide web. We also wonder how beautiful these models images are ! Now the question that arises is what is a Model? What is modeling?

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Individuals employed for exhibiting, publicizing and endorsing saleable goods are called Model. A performance different from other public performances including acting, dancing or mimicking is called Modeling.

It is not a cake walk and is not always about fun and glamour. It is a tough job to perform. Initial task is to Find Best Fashion Modeling Colleges and Universities or some of the top online fashion modeling schools for a bright future. Models are expected to be up to the mark and looking fresh for photo sessions irrespective of the fact that you did not get enough sleep, or have a headache and not feeling like appearing in front of people or facing cameras. The perks or remuneration paid is for looking the best and if that does not happen…sooner or later you are out of business.

On the other hand it is your choice to make it fun and rewarding. Being a model also helps you other highest paying careers including acting, producing and directing. Not necessarily you are on the front page….you may be the one who make models stand and pose for such front pages. While one cannot rule out the importance of good looks; they are not the only adequate factor to keep you going in market. Brains and right attitude carried with a fit body making you a complete attractive personality is what matters. Professionalism and a modeling agent to gather with your virtues would do the magic to bring you on billboards or live shows.

The median hourly wage of models was around $20 in recent past. However the increasing demand and ever flourishing print and electronic media has enhanced the demand locally as well globally for both male and female models. The competitions tend to be tough but lavishly rewarding.

It happens to be a task everyone thinks about doing but a very less are able to do. It is all about conveying ideas, thought process, products and lot more through appearance and convincing people to buy the product you are modeling for or advertising for. Models work in various places and different setups based on the segment they are modeling for. You may find some posing in front of cameras for products including clothing, make up, costume accessories and many more. There are models that also are seen at showrooms, retail stores, custom salons and specialty stores. Fashion shows, still photography locations for print and electronic media for brochures, advertisements, catalogs and so on.

Type of Models

Sub Type

Fashion Models

Runway modeling
Plus-size models
Commercial print models

Glamour Models

Gravure idols
Alternative models

Promotional Models

Spokes models
Trade show models
Convention models

Parts Models

Fitness Models

Art Models

As stated by the U.S. Department of Labor considering the educational and training related requirements for models; it is been claimed that they do not need any formal degree or certification for this profession. Modeling happens to be one of the careers where degrees or certificates are not prerequisites to success and are attainable from any of the best online schools or online art schools and from top online colleges at advanced stage.

Best Modeling Colleges or fashion modeling careers are often a balanced blending of acting and fashion design. The trend setters in the market often have attained their Associate of arts in fashion design (AA) from any of the fashion design graduate colleges or fashion marketing schools. The advantages of modeling schools is that it provides prescribed skills about fashion design degree & courses which may include different types of fashion modeling and fashion modeling jobs through campus placements. Modeling manners and training schools along with fashion merchandising schools offer basic finesse required to be a successful model.

Attaining relevant degree/diploma/certificate in the any of the fields enlisted or of interest to you; may enhance the chances of success.

Certificate/Diploma/Degree in any of the field of interest Personal traits to be developed
Accessories design Capable of taking direction
Art Conveying the attitude of the brand
Color analysis Conveying the emotions
Dance Dependable
Drama Excellent fashion style
Exercise and nutrition Familiarity with different modeling techniques
Fashion Design Flexible
Fashion Design Formal fashion show procedures
Fashion Merchandising and Photography Good height - weight and body measurements
Formal fashion show techniques Good people skills
Interviewing techniques Hardworking
Makeup techniques Photogenic and attractive physique
Personal image development Positive attitude
Poise and posture Reliable
Professional portfolio development Self-discipline
Showmanship Use of cosmetics
Skin and hair care
Television commercial acting
Voice projection
Usually going by the trend, for any fashion design or modeling associate's degree program you need to invest two years of your time whereas four years and more respectively for a bachelor degree in fashion modeling or a master’s degree.

Bureau of labor statistics forecast a growth rate from 10% to 20% for both male and female models with some of the best paying jobs. The earnings depend on the type of project and segment one is involved with. The median annual wage for models is estimated to be $32,920. Looking at the glamour and high status career leading to good earning increasing number of people are getting in the race to become a model. Promising careers in Fashion and Entertainment may not be denied. Well as we all know that the employment opportunities and earnings go hand in hand.