Online Business Finance Degree Programs - Top Business Schools

Online Business Finance Degree Programs - Top Business Schools

Career Opportunities in Business Finance is the most dynamic field of the corporate world. Money has a great influence on almost every decision taken in firm: from billion dollar investment to employment wages. Financial decision gives an edge to each and every level of activities in firm to take precise and accurate judgment on preparing final cash statement for company's bank account.

What is Finance? It is the study of financial market, evaluation and allocation of company's assets to achieve desired budgeting goals.

In the current global economy, knowledge about effect of finance in business will allow government plus decision makers to deal accurately with certain factors such as risk of currency, stocks, bonds, and debts, domestic as well as international money transactions and a lot more.

Enroll into on-campus or online business finance degree program and prepare yourself for a variety of career and get in-depth education that help you determine the role of finance in every organization. Besides gaining professional knowledge in finance, you may develop sound communication, good spirit of teamwork, powerful decision making, problem solving, and strong analytical skills for a great success in today's world.

Learn the core concepts of business expertise, combined with a university level concentration in finance and gain the fundamental idea to become a part of the economic planning, evaluation and problem solving for the Enterprise.

Salary range for this collegiate degree is not fixed. Remuneration for degree holders owing specialization in business finance depends on several factors including experience, education, employer, and location of work. Salaries for few of the financial career pathway are as tabulated below:

Designation Mean Annual Wages
Financial Managers$120,450
Financial Examiner$83,620
Loan Officer$67,960
[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics]

The basic duty of every financial worker is to maintain the track of activities related to money. Work duty varies from position you are holding in a firm. Given below is the sample job role of different positions in the world of finance:

  • Financial Manager: Key role is to make business decisions with consideration of financial concept to prepare precise cash statements and activity reports. His or Her decision or action directly affects the goodwill of the company.
  • Loan officer: Authorize, examine and approve loan applications for individuals as well as corporate of every kind.
  • Financial Analyst: Give a guide to people plus corporate to make investment decisions. They evaluate performance of bonds, stocks and various categories of investments.
  • Financial Examiner: Ensure compliance with laws governing financial institutions and transactions, review balance sheet of company, evaluate risk level of loan, and assess bank management. Record authentication is done by financial examiners.
  • Personal Financial Advisors: Provide financial advice to people and entities. They assist with investment, tax issues as well as insurance decision.

Most common question every student think in his or her mind is “What job will I get after completing my graduation or post-graduation in business administration with a major in finance degree?”

Best undergraduate or graduate business finance colleges and universities build a staircase to excess of opportunities for the students to select his or her area of study program.

Few of the position you may be eligible to apply after specializing in finance is as listed below:

  • Personal financial advisor
  • Loan officer
  • Investment analyst
  • Budget specialist
  • Financial manager

Major in finance might lead you to a wide array of employment in multiple sectors such as:

  • Insurance companies
  • International & Corporate management
  • Federal & State Government Agencies
  • Professional, Scientific, Technical services Organizations
  • Manufacturing, Real Estate Firms
  • Commodities & Securities Exchanges
  • Central & Commercial Bank
  • Investment Banking

General Business Finance Degree requirements are different for every level of courses available. It depends upon the type of degree you are selecting as well as mode of study. For instance eligibility for online doctorate degrees in finance will differ from associate’s grade level. Criteria for Full time or Part time study programs in financial study will also differ. Full time degree programs will take less time duration to complete a course as compared to part-time or evening and weekend programs.

On-campus as well as Online Finance Degree Programs provided by Top business administration schools, colleges and universities, is as listed below:

Doctoral/Ph.D. in Finance

  • Duration: 2-5 years.
  • Offered by: Top Business Colleges, Universities and Schools.
  • Eligibility: Minimum master's or bachelor's grade with relevant work experience and sometimes GMAT score is also required. Dissertation work done during masters may also be considered.
  • Ideal for: Research work, post-secondary teaching, becoming a professor in a university or reaching at a top most executive designation.

Master of Business Administration termed as M.B.A.- Finance

  • Duration: 1-3 years.
  • Provided by: Business Colleges, Universities and Schools.
  • Requirement: Bachelor's degree.
  • Best suited for: Earning a master’s degree enables students to get to managerial positions in different fields. Earning a master’s degree might help you find highly rewarding jobs with endless growth opportunities.

Bachelor of Business Administration or B.B.A.- Finance

  • Duration: 2 - 4 year.
  • Given by: Best Business College, University and School.
  • Necessity: High School Diploma/GED.
  • Ideal as: Entry and Mid-level occupation. Students can go for a bachelor's degree to find better jobs within the finance and accounting world. Financial and Budget Analyst, Advisors are some of the examples of occupations that you may achieve.

Associate’s degree-Business finance

  • Duration: 2-year.
  • Offered by: Community and four-year colleges, universities, vocational plus trade schools.
  • Necessity: High School Diploma/GED.
  • Best suited for: Entry level positions within various sectors. Designations such as Management Trainee, Real Estate Broker, Insurance Sales Agent, and Loan Officer can be earned.

Business Admin Certificate - Concentration in Finance

  • Duration: Approximately 1-year.
  • Offered by: Community and four-year colleges, universities, vocational plus trade schools.
  • Necessity: High School Diploma/GED.
  • Ideal for: Personnel who want to start their own organization or entrepreneurs interested to learn various techniques for better performance in a company. It could be beneficial to any professional who assume to reach at some management position such as Personal Financial Advisor.

The estimated profession growth for few of the designations in business administration major - finance concentration is as tabulated below:

Job Title Employment Prospects till year 2020
Financial Examiner27%
Loan Officer14%
Financial Managers9%