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Computer Science Degree Programs, Top Online Computer Programming Schools – Application Software Development | SchoolandUniversity.com

Computer Science Degree Programs – Computer Programming Schools

Computer Science Degree Programs – Computer Programming Schools

What is computer science? Computer Science is a broad field that includes programming, developing system software, applications and many more. Computers do not understand our language. Hence, in order to give instructions to computers which they can understand, we write programs. This is known as Computer Programming. It deals with programming and algorithms. It is one of the phases of an entire software development cycle. For programming, the most common computer programming languages are COBOL, FORTRAN, C, C++, Java and many more. Software developers as the name suggests develop software. There are generally two types of software development: Application software development and system software development. Some developers only design and develop software and give instructions to programmers for the code, while some software developers themselves do the programming part. You should have good communication, analytical and technical skills to become a software developer. Learn computer science as in this modern world of constantly emerging new technologies, computer science professionals have to keep themselves update constantly about new technologies coming up, to survive in market. So, start your degree from top computer science schools, colleges or universities.

Job Designation Median annual salary (May 2010)
Systems Software Developer $84,180
Applications Software Developer $87,790
Computer Programmer $71,380
[Source : U.S. Department of Labor Statistics, Edition 2012-13 of Outlook Handbook for Occupational.]

A computer programmer writes programs well to give instructions to computer. They also test, debug and maintain software. They test software by running program to check errors. Then they correct and debug it. Debugging is quite important step as an incorrect source code may lead to troubles. It is done by IDEs like Eclipse, Visual Studio, Net Beans and more. The three simple steps to be followed by a computer programmer are First: Analyze and find out a problem, Second: Make an algorithm to correct that problem, Third: Implement that algorithm in a programming language. In order to make their work easier, they make the use of CASE (Computer Assisted Software Engineering) tools and code libraries.

A software developer will design and develop software according to the needs of their client. They will inform their clients about the latest versions of software and new technologies so that they can use them in their software. They prepare flowcharts which are easily understood by programmers so that they can work according to those instructions. They work with other developers so as to make the best software that works well with maintenance. Applications software developer will work what you can see on the screen of computer or any other device like applications, games and many more. Systems software developer works for the system which includes how the system functions. They work for the operating system as well for user interface.

As the work does not give too much of stress, a career in computer science may prove to be a wise option.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job outlook for computer programmers may be the best for the ones who have a bachelor’s degree. The one who is expert in computer programming languages may get computer programming jobs easily. One must have sound knowledge of the newest programming tools. Opportunities might keep increasing as programmers gain experience.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job outlook for software developers might be better in the coming decade. As the demand for software will increase, the opportunities for software developers may increase rapidly. In near future, there may be high demand for mobile applications which may increase the demand for application developers. Number of people who are using software is increasing which may result into increase in demand for system developers too.

After pursuing computer science degree program, I can work as:

  • Computer Programmer
  • Applications Software Developer
  • Systems Software Developer
  • Computer specialists
  • Computer system analysts
  • Programmer analyst
  • Technology manager
  • Software Quality Assurance engineers and testers

After pursuing computer science degree program, I can work in:

  • IT companies
  • Computer system design firms
  • Software publishing companies
  • Computer and electronic product manufacturing industries
  • Information service industry
  • Finance and insurance companies
  • Administrative and support services

Computer Science degrees are as follows:


  • Duration: It takes from 3 to 8 years. It varies with colleges and institutes.
  • PhD Offered by: IT university
  • Necessity: Minimum Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Ideal for: Those who wish to pursue the highest level of academic degree in computers and IT.


  • Duration: 2 years after bachelor's degree.
  • Master's Degrees Offered by: IT University.
  • Necessity: Bachelor's from an accredited university.
  • Ideal for: A graduate in wish to pursue higher education.


  • Duration: 4 years
  • Bachelor's Degrees Offered by: IT college or University
  • Necessity: GED or High school diploma
  • Ideal for: Persons who wish to pursue more education to become senior programmer, developer and many more.


  • Duration: 2 years
  • Associate's Degrees Offered by: IT schools, IT colleges
  • Necessity: GED or High school diploma
  • Ideal for: Entry level job position in field of programming, networking and many more


  • Duration: 2 years
  • Diploma Offered by: IT schools and academy
  • Necessity: High School diploma
  • Ideal for: Entry level jobs in IT industry


  • Duration: Ranges from 1 month to 1 year
  • Certificates offered by: IT and computer training schools and centers, academy.
  • Necessity: None
  • Ideal for: People who want to gain enough knowledge to work in IT industry but do not want to pursue degree.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics:
Job Designation Expected job growth during 2010-20 (percent)
Systems Software Developer 32
Applications Software Developer 28
Computer Programmer 12