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What are the Automotive Technology Degree Programs? Explore Top Colleges and Universities for Auto Repair Technician Courses - Find out Which Colleges Offer a Major in Automotive Engineering Technology? Best Auto Mechanic Vocational and Trade Schools to your pursue a Career in Automotive and Vehicle Technology | SchoolandUniversity.com

Top Online Automotive Technology Degree Programs

Top Online Automotive Technology Degree Programs

Americans love their cars – leading to an ever evolving automotive engineering technology – bringing in more vibrant auto technician training schools. It is definitely one of the most rapidly growing filed which is opted as a career option by increasing number of individuals, making and designing Cars – motorcycles and Trucks is what lures them. Automotive education has widened its boundaries, so from engine engineering it has encroached design aesthetics – interior design – communication technologies – display innovations and also has put the foot down in the segments of introducing new types of glass and varied types of metals says bls.gov. Individuals looking out for careers in automotive filed are likely to be passionate about cars – speed and efficient engines.

More and more automotive mechanics – automotive designers have started seeking higher education from best auto technician schools and training programs in this field looking at the bright prospects. Higher education in their field of occupation helps them to stay ahead of all in this cutting edge profession. Many more benefits are awaiting these automotive enthusiasts while they search their obsession through online degree programs in car-care fields. Prerequisites in form of a Bachelor’s degree in industrial design or a Bachelor’s degree in vehicle design – minimum requirement at an entry level position in the automotive field.

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial design and Commercial design – are not some of the very common or poplar programs. 300 programs addressing arts and designs are accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design says the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. All this put together also does not make the particular bachelor’s degree programs adequate when it comes to vehicle design.

Top universities offer industrial design programs making the graduates eligible for working in the automotive field – important aspect is to know which programs are they. It is so because there might be a few individuals who do not look forward getting themselves enrolled in a vehicle design program once they attain the industrial design degree. To conclude – a bachelor’s degree in the industrial design has much more options in terms of allowing graduates to go ahead and work in varied areas upon graduation.

Mechanical colleges and universities with program information - bachelor's degree program classes include:
  • Advanced industrial design
  • Art history
  • Computer aided design
  • History and theory of design
  • Industrial design methodology
  • Physics-chemistry and calculus
  • Visualization techniques

Last year is when students are being offered the internships – giving them the chance to work with industrial designers. Individuals while are planning to chose a design school – internships plays a vital role for; would be automotive designers and industrial designers.

At the same time Bachelor’s degree in automotive design focuses purely on the technical and creative aspects needed for designing the interiors and exterior of automobiles.

If you want to find top colleges for automotive mechanics or some of the best schools with mechanical design and drafting programs or as a matter of fact - auto mechanic vocational and trade schools in America…all of them would offer enlisted programs/degrees:

  • Associate of applied science in auto eng tech.
  • Automotive and vehicle technology
  • Automotive engineering undergraduate programs
  • Automotive management degree options
  • Automotive product design
  • Bachelor of Science-auto eng tech.
  • Graduate program in automotive engineering
  • Manufacturing processes
  • Online master’s degree in automotive engineering
Automobile design programs include:
  • Automotive design
  • Computer-aided design
  • Descriptive geometry
  • Design for manufacturing and assembly
  • Design terminology
  • Drafting
  • Fuel emissions
  • Materials and processes
  • Science and mathematics
  • Technical creativity
  • Vehicle electronics system design
  • Vehicle packaging
  • Vehicle dynamics
Some of the famous automotive schools: