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Healthcare Degrees - Guide to Healthcare Schools | Online Healthcare Degree Programs - SchoolandUniversity.com

Healthcare Degree Programs – Best Medical Schools

Healthcare Degree Programs – Best Medical Schools

Careers in health care might be rewarding as well as booming. It is more likely a career in caring. If you love to assist humans or animals, ready to accept every challenge in life and want to join one of the fastest growing areas of the economy then a career in health care may be the best choice for you.

People will always need Healthcare professionals for treatment from sickness, injuries or any health related problem. There are an ample number of options in healthcare careers for those who wish to start a career in healthcare or expand his/her knowledge in it and desire to help people in resolving their health related issues. Top health care schools as well as healthcare colleges offer different health care programs as there are innumerable career paths involved in the health care industry. Health care professionals have earned a great level of respect as their role is not just to earn money, but also to cure the patient from illnesses and injuries.

Health care careers not only give chance to help people but also to perform interested technical task and may earn good amount of salary. The healthcare industry might offer good job opportunities for healthcare graduates. Salary differs on the healthcare position you are holding, for example, an associate degree in healthcare might allow you to earn from $12 to $40 per hour or even more than that for an initial or entry-level position. Factors such as health care degree you earned, experience in related field effects in salary. Campus based or online healthcare bachelor's degree programs may allow you to earn a minimum annual salary ranging from $60,000 to $1, 00,000.

Salary range for every position in healthcare is different. It depends on profession, qualification as well as experience you gained. Salary of an X-ray technician may be $54,340 per year, while that of Registered Nurses may be $64,690 per year; while wages in profession of Surgical Technology may be $39,920 per year.

[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.]

Job role differs for every health care worker by their profession. Listed below are few job responsibilities of some of the health care professionals:

  • Duty of Registered Nurses will be to handle patients with care as well as guide them for their better improvement of their health conditions.
  • Hospital administrators perform the daily operation of a hospital, clinic or any health care unit.
  • Lab technicians are responsible for preparing patients to get ready for any medical examination.
  • Home health aides assist people suffering from illnesses as well as those patients who are physically challenged.
  • Physical therapist assists patients recovering from illnesses, injuries or any surgery.
  • Surgical technologist duty is to assist doctors during surgical operations.

Whether you wish to cure humans or animals; directly deal with patient or do any medical examination, there are ample job options available for you to work with. Job in the health care industry might be recession-proof as well as high paying job.

The most common question a student must think is where I want to be in the next five years after pursuing a degree in health studies or medical studies? Once your career goal is set, you will find it easy to choose a top medical school or health care school for yourself for your desired degree. Few jobs in the area of medical and healthcare need more time for doing schooling in order to step into different job at the desired place, whereas few jobs allow you to work at your own flexibility. Whatever aim you have decided in healthcare and medical field, there is a medical school that is appropriate for you might completely fulfill your desire of study in healthcare profession.

Best medical schools, top healthcare schools, healthcare colleges as well as online medical schools offer online plus campus based medical and health care programs. Thus a student can choose his/her desired area of study in health care and might get relevant job with hands-on practical knowledge.

Few of the categories of jobs that may be offered are as follows:

Work directly with patients and administer their care
  • Licensed practical nurse
  • Nursing
  • Medical assistant
  • Nursing aide
  • Physician
Administration or front office positions
  • Healthcare management
  • Medical admin
  • Medical billing
Animal care
  • Veterinary Science
  • Animal Training
Testing/Medical Examination
  • Medical lab
  • Diagnostics
  • Ultrasound
  • X-ray tech
Other types of care
  • Home Health
  • Counseling
  • Massage therapy
  • Physical therapy

Types of industries that can be taken for a career in Healthcare:

  • Hospitals
  • Offices of other health practitioners
  • Nursing and personal care
  • Offices of medical doctors
  • Home health care
Healthcare and Medical industry may help you get your dream job with the type of education and work experience you earn and may offer you a high paying job. Whether you want to become a dental technologist, specialist of medical billing or any other type of health care employee, you might require an accredited degree in healthcare for a better progress.


  • Duration: 4-years post bachelor's degree or a 3 years' post master’s degree
  • Doctorate's Degree Offered by: Healthcare University, Healthcare College
  • Necessity: Minimum Bachelor's degree from an accredited university
  • Ideal for: Those who wish to pursue the highest level of academic degree in health care and be a researcher in areas such as DNA, biology and other science research areas; or wish to be a faculty in a health care university.


  • Duration: 2-years after bachelor's degree
  • Master's Degree Offered by: Healthcare University, Healthcare College
  • Necessity: Bachelor's from an accredited university with GRE or GMAT.
  • Ideal for: A graduate in healthcare who wish to pursue higher education to become a health service manager. For high paying jobs in healthcare position, master’s online or campus degree might be essential.


  • Duration: 4-years
  • Bachelor's Degree Offered by: Healthcare college or University
  • Necessity: GED or High school diploma
  • Ideal for: Persons who wish to pursue more education to become a physician, dietitians, and many more.


  • Duration: 2-years
  • Associate's Degree Offered by: Healthcare school, Technical schools, Community colleges or Vocational schools
  • Necessity: GED or High school diploma
  • Ideal for: Entry level job position in field of medical billing, nursing, emergency medical services and more.


  • Duration: Approximately 1-year
  • Health Care Diploma Offered by: Health care schools, Medical schools and academy
  • Necessity: High School diploma
  • Ideal for: Entry level jobs in healthcare industry


  • Duration: 6 months to 1-year
  • Health Care Certificate Offered by: Health care schools, Medical schools and academy
  • Necessity: None
  • Ideal for: People who want to fluctuate their career and wish to do Entry level jobs in the healthcare industry

A future in health care seems to be very healthy. As per BLS report, employment in the health care industry may lead to more jobs as compared to any other field of the American economic system. Job opportunity in the healthcare industry is estimated to rise higher by 22 percent. Several public as well as private health care industries offer employment to those who holds a 2 year health care degree program or a 4 year degree in health care studies. Prior experience in the healthcare industry could be an added advantage for the best job opportunity.

Health care degree holder who enrolls in most famous health care programs might be Registered Nurse or Medical Technician that is being offered by healthcare schools, colleges or university. In a health care industry, Registered Nurses/Medical Technician could be required on a large scale.

Healthcare professionals with highest estimated job growth are Registered Nurses, Personal and Home Care Aides, Medical Assistants, Nursing Aides, Licensed Vocational Nurses and Home Health Aides.

Healthcare is a dynamic and everlasting field. In short, a career in healthcare and medical field might help you to give a never ending scope for a bright future.

[Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S.]