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Best College Options for International Students - Study in USA

Best College Options for International Students - Study in USA

Individuals traveling to a country other than their own country with a motive of attaining education are called INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS. However; this definition or understanding may vary from country to country depending on their in house educational set up.

History of International students

The credit of designing the first study abroad program goes to University of Delaware in the year 1920 for the undergraduate students of America. However; it is discovered that it actually began without much formalities in the years of 1970 in Indiana – where some of the students were invited for attending some specific courses in

  • England
  • France
  • Germany
  • Italy
  • Switzerland

What are the Prerequisites for being an international student?

Prior to the admissions the students are supposed to successfully clear – the enlisted language tests
  • DELE exams
  • DELF
  • iTEP
  • PTE Academic

A few of the international students may possess these local language skills, but usually a lot of them find it difficult. They may end up realizing that their language capacities are adequate but not enough for them to understand the educational lectures. Also they might face problems in conveying or expressing themselves flawlessly in foreign language while in group discussions.

What are the Benefits for international students?

International students – through study abroad program gain/benefit:
  • Better understanding of themselves and their culture in light of the foreign culture
  • Enhanced ability of evaluating fundamentals of own and foreign culture in fair manner
  • Smoother and natural multicultural interactions life long
  • Of a survey - 96% increased self-confidence, 97% felt more matured, 98% understanding of values

What are the various types of International student Programs?

A broader view to the types of International student programs gives us an insight of four major types –
  • Field Study
  • Hybrid
  • Integrated
  • Island
Field Study

These programs – designed for academic credits are quite liberal as compared to all others. These programs are basically all about focused approach towards field study – training – concluding with an independent project


It is a program – involving the characteristics of both the Island and Integrated programs – as followed. Here the students may take up a selection of their syllabus at the host university and the rest at a study center at their convenience. These programs are majorly popular at countries where English is not the primary language.


Here the students are supposed to gain education together with other U.S students but; in a study center. These are programs sponsored – designed – crafted by American universities or third party sponsors – focusing more on American students.


Here the students are supposed to gain education together with other U.S students but; at the host university. In this case – additional assistance including course registration and language tutorials is provided as well.

How to apply for international students scholarships?

Attaining scholarships nowadays has become more challenging as compared to past years. It is also because of the undetermined global meltdown. It has invited situations where the scholarship programs are crafted in a manner where it permits only the citizens of United States of America and at times only the residents of a typical state of city – covered under some kind of educational movement. It might be so because at the end of it – scholarships add up to the burden of the college expenses; leading to a stage of no help from federal assistance of United States – Grant or Loans.

  • Check your Financial Eligibility
  • Eligibility for federal student aid from the U.S. Department of education has been a challenge ever since for most of the foreign citizens. Review and know of some of the instances where these international students who are Non U.S. citizens - may try to get eligible for such Financial Aid
  • Checking with the home country government and the colleges you seek admission to – for any financial aid is also a good idea before initiating the entire admission process. Checking out the college options for international students is also helpful.
  • Seek advice from the financial advisor at your college. These are the ones who usually are fully updated of scholarships and additional financial aid available for international students.
  • International office on the college campus may also prove helpful as they are specialized in assisting international students. They are exclusively involved – employed – occupied in providing and finding scholarship assistance to international students.
  • Checking out the International Education for details, FAFSA for Federal assistance and Quick Assistance may prove to be of great help. Individuals should find colleges that offer financial aid for international students.
  • Financial aid office will be in a position to help you with details about – if work study is available to you or not. Work study has always provided international students with an opportunity to earn money through on campus jobs.
  • State and National associations in your career field also offer scholarships – try and find out more about it. I.e. American society of Engineers offers specific scholarships for international students as a gesture of promoting engineering careers across the world
  • Working in co ordination of an advisor to fulfill the scholarship application is strongly advised. As an international student it is always at an advantage to get things right in the very first effort itself. It ensures to get you a fair chance and consideration from the committee which is supposed to be the final authority for sanctioning the scholarships
  • Necessary paperwork to be finished well in time or earlier than the deadlines is recommended as some of the institutions and universities might ask for fees for entire semester – syllabus in advance and hence timely or early completion of scholarship procedure would prove to be a blessing.
  • Taking up an appropriate international student insurance plan or health insurance - travel insurance or details from international student ministry is advisable.

Challenges for international students - Coping up with Difficulties

International students are more likely to face challenges as compared to their classmates who are locals. This may be due to the language barrier, change in environment and living conditions. Advice is to not to get stressed over these petty issues, it needs some time to address, resolve and adjust.

You proved your worth by securing admission in the college in a foreign country…no need to worry. Chances are that a few more like you are also struggling – but you are not aware of it. – based on the wide experience and team of experts, enlists some of the common remedies for some of the so called issues or challenges faced by international students.

Selecting the syllabus

Your knowledge of English and cultural experience are to be considered while selecting the syllabus. Freshman in the initial stage of learning English should not go out selecting advanced reading and writing classes as it might be quite a stressful and prove to be a disaster.

A lot of colleges land a helping hand to students via course perquisites, level of English required for each subject - class and subject rankings so as to facilitate the students to identify the risk level of syllabus they select. International students are supposed to pay due attention to such details.

Smart move for international students is to take up entry level classes sufficing the general syllabus requirements and simultaneously start preparing for the syllabus – classes requiring tough vocabulary towards the completion of the entire program. Calculus in the early days and political science in the later stage is the best example to depict the situation.

Considering the above points would save you from losing your grades in early days due to improvement required in English language proficiency and will not allow your interest to die out for a particular subject – due to the language barrier.

Seek Assistance

The evolving educational system has brought about more maturity and understanding for the college professors. They are well aware of the challenges faced by international students – and land helping hand as and when required.

Assisting students with basic fundamental knowledge – books – tutorials and much more has become the way of life for professors and mentors in colleges for international students.

Writing center staff at colleges also is of great help as they assist international students to edit their papers for better clarity and appropriate grades.

Language Preference

Supplementary English as second level courses are more than popular nowadays. These are famous as are user friendly tools for improving English in order to cope up with the syllabus requirements and language issues if you are studying under study exchange programs in a different country. A lot of professors and teachers are actively aware of increasing your involvement in the class room activities to help you improve your vocabulary. Spending a few hours every week for such courses may work wonders for language problem issues.

Hard work and patience are the keys

Challenging coursework can be stressful and frustrating – only hard work can curb it. Spending more time studying as compared to others is a sure shot solution. What is difficult for you – might be difficult for some others as well in your class. Co ordinate with them and find out ways and means to make it easier. Be patient – motivated and appreciate yourself, your efforts will pay.

Food Challenges

A recent survey revealed that freshman gains at least 15 kg in their initial year. It is a common issue among new joiners as they are all not familiar to meals at buffets and categorized as Junk Food. International students find it more challenging to adjusting to these new food trends and hence this result.

By the time they realize the seriousness – it is too late and they would end up gaining some extra Lbs. As a matter of fact colleges and universities have started wellness services and counseling about nutritious diets for students. It helps students to identify nutritious food that becomes their smart eating habits.

Cultural shock

Melting Pot is what America is known as. It mixes a lot of people from various cultures from across the world – still remains distinct and varied for new comers. Accepting that there is a cultural difference and that is a easier way of handling the situation. Come what may – always remember you are not alone who is facing these issues. College campuses are prepared with ways and means to handle such diversities.

Which are the helpful Campus Resources for International Students?

International Student Office

International student office – ISO happens to be the one stop and first point contact for any assistance required. These advisors are well equipped to help students with aspects including – Visas, Immigration – and other school resources.

Professors and Teachers

Professors and teachers are well aware of the benefits of encouraging interactions with students. Students are advised to take optimum advantage of these interactions. The face to face interactions and frequency matches would enhance your language and subject knowledge along with the liberty and frankness to discuss issues and queries with your tutor.

Educational Adviser

Apart for prescribed curriculum – some elective courses are also offered by colleges and universities. These courses help students to enhance their skills – irrespective of their regular syllabus. Meeting the educational adviser for ensuring that you appropriately manage the line and length of your academics is mandatory.

Center for Counseling

Feeling stressed – home sick –cultural shock and separation anxiety, nothing new for international students. Do not handle such aspects on your own – instead you need professional help. Take benefit from center of counseling – a very common and frequently used resource by international student.

Writing Center

Appearing and clearing your TOEFL – was just an entry level tactic. Schools, colleges and universities have their own writing centers for helping international students to enhance their vocabulary skills. It in turn helps you to take control of your research papers, assignments, regular college syllabus work and much more.

Career Services Center

As we all are aware, international students usually do not enjoy the same kind of employment opportunities as locals do. It is here; where the career center comes into picture – assisting these students with on campus jobs and internships available for them.

Center for Legal Services

Don’t wait to run into any legal problems to know about U.S. laws. Be inquisitive to know more about it as you are staying in that country. Officials here are well equipped to enlighten you on rules regarding drink and drive, drinking restrictions, driving rules and much more.

Student Unions

Making new friends is a easy process and a way to get relieved of the home sick feeling. Classmates and fellow mates at such student unions are a best way to treat your own self. One can get in touch with students from your home country to give that additionsal touch of togetherness and belongingness.