Art and Design Career Programs - Top Online Art and Design Schools

Art and Design Career Programs - Top Online Art and Design Schools

If you are passionate about colors or love working with a computer, art and design career may prove to be a promising career. This is particularly for those who really possess an innovative mind. Students with art and design majors might get jobs in almost all industries that did not even exist few years back. Today art & design influences our lives in ways we cannot even think of. All the visual media we see in the world today is the contribution by an art and design major. It is the field that covers a wide range of careers, starting from traditional media like sculpture and paint to latest technology-based careers in multimedia, animation and design. Irrespective of what specialization you prefer within this area, the coursework will help you in improving your creativity, enhances problem solving skills and unique style.

Careers in art and design majors have varied forms. One thing that should be kept in mind is that, this emerging field mostly demands for dynamic, innovative and qualified students. People trained in art and design, have tremendous opportunities and can easily switch to the various and unique industries that require their creative mind.

Now what study and certificate courses you choose as an art and design major will vary depending on your preferences as well as skills. As, if you are a first year student, you can go for foundational courses that not only cover your major more specifically but also develop the art-making process. Nearly all art and design programs include courses in art history, design fundamentals and digital imaging. Depending on your major, you can also choose certificate courses for drawing and painting, film making and editing courses, glassblowing, jewelery making, industrial design study programs, graphic design, textiles and a plenty of other Certificate courses. Some of these courses will require studios, darkrooms and computer labs which will teach you with practical experience and continual practice.

Getting a job is entirely based on personal style and skills and hence it's difficult to predict what sort of job you will get, having emerged from art and design program. Jobs in this field of study mostly have more opportunities for students who have done up with their degree programs. Success in these fields is not based only on education, but students require presenting their talent in order to get the best and most competitive positions.

The top 10 fastest-growing careers for art and design majors:

There are infinite career options open to the artistic minded individuals. has made an effort to enlist below the top 10 fastest growing careers in the field of arts & design available to aesthetically creative people. They are:
  • Animator
  • Architect
  • Art Director
  • Film and Video Editor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Industrial or Product Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Mobile Designer
  • Video Game Designer
  • Web Designer
Your online or campus-based degree in art and design can be an added advantage in the following positions too:
  • Fashion designer
  • Fine artists including illustrators, Painters and Sculptors
  • Floral Designers
  • Craft and Commercial Artist
  • Dancers and Choreographers
The list of careers given above is amongst many realistic possibilities for those who can demonstrate the potential. You should keep in mind that it's not just your degree or certificate that determines your career. In this field your creativity and your innovative ideas are something that define you, so just don't restrict your thinking. Education in Art & Design enhances your imaginative skills for your creative career.