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List of top seven emerging jobs and career trends in USA | Emerging Employment
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7 Emerging Jobs

7 Emerging Jobs

To identify emerging jobs and promising career resources, understanding of processes that create new forms of employment or so called career path in economy is a must.

This process comprises of competitive market conditions, requirement of government regularities, evolved production technologies, latest scientific discoveries and market acceptance for new products. It is noticed that by the time market confirms a new occupation in workforce, the occupation has become an absolute requirement in dynamic employment market. Job title interpretations are often confusing. Broad occupational classification generally includes various job titles. However, determination should be made on the basis of educational expertise one possesses. List of such career opportunities from various federal sources including Bureau of Labor statistics; projecting a job growth of over 40 percent is here for your ready reference. Consider the below list; spanning from health care to engineering. It is an effort to give some insight for career planning.

Biomedical Engineers (62 Percent expected growth):

Ageing population and increased public awareness will need advanced and enhanced medical care increasing demand for biomedical engineers. They are mainly responsible for achieving goal of improving effectiveness and quality of patient care through analysis and design solutions. They work mainly for research facility of companies, medical institutions, hospitals, manufacturing and government regulatory agencies. Bachelor’s degree in biomedical engineering from a reputed program is required to enter into biomedical engineers’ occupation. Bachelor’s degree in another field of engineering followed by a graduate degree in biomedical engineering is also an available option. In May 2010 their pay was $81,540. Amazing growth of 62 percent is projected for them during 2010-20.

Physical Therapist Assistants (46 percent expected growth):

Physical therapy services will be in demand and expected to increase proportionately to healthcare needs of a growing elderly population. Physical therapists provide working directions to Physical therapist assistants and physical therapist aides. They assist in surgeries to help patients manage pain who are recovering from injuries, illnesses and regain movement. Most of them work in hospitals. They set up equipments and help care for patients. They require high school diploma and on job training along with an associate’s degree. In May 2010, physical therapist assistants were paid $49,690 whereas physical therapist aides were paid $23,680. Increased 46 percent growth is projected for them during 2010-20.

Meeting, Convention and Event Planners (44 percent expected growth):

Increased globalization and businesses have recognized value of professionally planned meetings. All aspects of professional meetings and events including meeting locations and transportation arrangements are coordinated and planned by Meeting, convention and event planners. They work on-site at hotels or convention centers during meetings and events. They have to travel often to conduct and attend events and to visit prospective meeting sites as well. During major events they have to work for more than 40 hours per week. Career and job opportunities for candidates with a bachelor’s degree in hospitality management are on a hike. Work experience in planning and at least a bachelor's degree works best for aspirant candidates. In May 2010 meeting, they were paid $45,260. 44 percent growth is anticipated for their careers.

Diagnostic Medical Sonographers (44 percent expected growth):

Diagnostic medical sonographers are trained professionals who use special imaging apparatus that send sound waves in a patient’s body to assess and diagnose different medical conditions. They mostly work in hospitals while some work in physicians’ or imaging clinics. A postsecondary certificate or an associate’s degree as formal education or professional certification based on employer’s requirement is required by them. In May 2010 they were paid $64,380. 44 percent of job growth is expected for their careers.

Interpreters and Translators (42 percent expected growth):

Scopes of employment growth are driven by expanding international ties and vast increase in the count of other language speaking people in the United States. Aspirants with professional certification can expect best jobs as interpreters and translators. They convert information from one language to another. Translators work in written language whereas Interpreters correspond in spoken or sign language. The most important requirement for interpreters and translators apart from a bachelor’s degree is that they should be fluent in English and at least one more language. Few students also pursue complete job-specific training programs. Interpreters mostly work at schools, hospitals, courtrooms and conference centers. Many translators enjoy the work from home option. Both of them, whether self-employed or employed follow variable schedules. In May 2010 they were paid $43,300. Considerable 42 percent of growth rate is expected for them during 2010-20.

Market Research Analysts and Marketing Specialists (41 percent expected growth):

Market research analysts should possess strong math and analytical skills. A bachelor’s degree to start with is followed by a master’s degree to reach top research positions. They are supposed to study market conditions, may it be local, regional or national to examine potential and projected sales of service or product. These analysts help companies to understand which products people would prefer over others, who all will buy them and of course at what price. We find these professionals almost in every industry. They work at a computer to collect and analyze market data to prepare reports. At times, they work with public to gather information and data. Working full time during working hours is normal whereas trend of working long hours to meet deadlines has also been noticed. In May 2010, they were paid $60,570. 41 percent of growth has been projected for professionals seeking career in this field.

Marriage and Family Therapists (41 percent expected growth):

Overall population is growing and so are conflicts as well as disagreements. Insurance companies have started paying for reimbursement to marriage and family therapists. They play a leading role in helping people overcome mental and emotional trauma caused due to problems with their family and relationships. They require a master’s degree and a license to practice. Listening to clients and asking frequent and relevant questions to help them diagnose their problems and develop strategies to improve their lives is the key role to this profession. Full time or part time employment opportunities include variety of set ups like private practice or mental health centers. In May 2010, they were paid $45,720. Career opportunities for them are expected a hike of 41 percent during 2010-20.

A review of Bureau of Labor Statistics National Employment Matrix projected growth between 2008 and 2018 for Bureau’s 750 major job categories to identify jobs that will add the largest number of new positions with at least 20% increase while with a median annual income of at least $60,000; enlisted are top emerging jobs for new workers in the coming decade is here for your ready reference.