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Online Social science Degree Programs

Online Social science Degree Programs

Why social science?
Social scientists have persuaded our day today life over years now; and we even don’t know much of it. This includes the famous intellectuals John Maynard Keynes and Karl Popper who derived the role of government in a progressive market based society or the fact that the National Health Service concept was derived by an economist and top of all are the ideas and concepts designed by social scientists which influence the disbursement of billions of dollars of state aid for the needy.

Careers Salary
Survey Researcher $35,380
Archaeologist $53,460
Anthropologist $53,460
Urban And Regional Planner $61,820
Geographer $71,470
Psychologist $66,040 (counselling & school)/ $83,260 (industrial & organizational)

The question that is being debated since a long time now is “What is social science and why social science studies?” No prominent characterization has been derived at for such a dynamic and varied range of academic streams. A user friendly definition or meaning to the term Social science can be “The knowledge or learning about the ways and means of people influencing the everyday life of our society comprising of families, communities and workplaces is Social science” .This modern society draws, in fact attracts you towards some basics; answers to which we have been seeking since centuries. Social science tries to give an insight to the most persuasive and debatable queries including appropriate way to communicate, meaning of places, our rights as citizens, fascination in crime, factors which shape one’s identity and many more.

Social science subjects:

Different approaches including Statistics, Questionnaires, surveys and interviews are used for varied range of subjects in social science. Social science has and will keep on evolving eternally. Social science leads to study people and the world we live in; the degree options also fall in the same dynamic category. Subjects offered are:
All Foreign Languages and Linguistics Anthropology African American Studies American Studies
Classics Economics Education Environmental Studies
Film Fine Arts Gender and Sexuality Studies History
Humanities International Relations Literature Philosophy
Political Science pre- law Psychology Public Administration
Social Work Communications Sociology Women’s Studies  
The above list of subjects make it clear that an individual; inclined to go for a social science degree needs to have a very clear thought process with regards to the area of interests one carries.

Fields or careers in Social science enlisted below for graduates in social science for ready reference:

  • Behavioural Scientist – Mainly responsible for educating people about ways and means to stay away from life and health risking behaviours towards others; but affecting their own self.
  • Anthropology - The study of origin and evolution of human kind in different cultures. Conclusions are formed basis the field work or lab research or both of them at times.
  • History – Cultural, political, intellectual and social trends of past are been studied by the historians. Time frame and geographic area are considered before specialization. Careers in teaching, preservation society or research are widely open.
  • Geography – People who can be described with characteristics such as fascination towards world map or Atlas, well memorized names of countries with their capitals, more know how then Geography teacher....are the ones for whom degree in Geography is a perfect match.
  • Christian Studies – People interested in counselling, teaching and ministering people biblically or if they are spell bound by religion; they should opt for these studies. A wide understanding of Philosophy and theology is what one gets through degree in Christian Studies.
  • Sociology – Determining the behaviour of people and the societies is been done by Sociologists. With a work purview around policy information and research; these personnel are mainly employed at university or government level.
  • Political Science – Individuals with Majors are employed as market analysts, writers, research assistants and policy analysts. Wide range of options is available for research in political systems and political behaviour.
  • Philosophy – People seeking meaning of existence through human interaction and expression of spirituality are the ones who choose Philosophy as a career option.
  • Global Training and development – People good at mediating to resolve conflicts at various stages and between various people are more likely to take up an career in Global Training and development.
  • Military Studies – This degree programs enhance your natural leadership skills and gives you the chance to evolve in the military or private sector.
  • Multidisciplinary Studies – People with variety of interests seek to have a tailor made education degree program option for themselves; this program helps such individuals.

Below mentioned are the degree programs offered in Social science:

Phd in Social sciences - Duration: Minimum 2-years.

  • Few areas of interest: Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Geography, law, public admin.
  • Requirement: Minimum Master’s or Bachelor’s degree in social sciences. If MD-Phd is to be done than additional Dissertation work and good score in MCAT are also the basic requirements for admission.

Master’s degree in social sciences - Duration: 2-years

  • Few areas of interest: Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Geography, linguistics.
  • Requirement: Minimum Bachelor’s degree in social sciences.

Bachelor’s degree in social sciences - Duration: 3 to 4-years (depends on majors subject)

  • Few areas of interest: Geography, Gerontology, Anthropology, History, Psychology, Statistics.
  • Requirement: Minimum High School Diploma/GED.

Associate Degree in Social science - Duration: 2-years

  • Few areas of interest: Psychology, Public Relations, Geography, History.
  • Requirement: Minimum High School Diploma/GED.
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  • Social science experts work in varied occupations such as Social assistance, Education and training, Scientific and technical services, Professional, Public Administration and Safety; Education and Training; and Health Care and Social Assistance.
  • Social science professionals can expect a strong growth in 2016-2017.
  • People employed with Social science segments have less full time jobs; however full time workers are employed for approx 37.0 week hours with above the average earnings.