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Top Online Undergraduate Degree Programs

Top Online Undergraduate Degree Programs

It has been observed lately that students have started understanding the importance of education and along with it the priority of earning to help them enhance the financial aids to their educational requirements. At young age though; they are often looking for difference between an undergraduate and a graduate degree followed by undergraduate and community college outreach programs from best online colleges and universities; to enable them to have a clear vision to their prospective career which may lead them to high paying jobs. Undergraduate college majors & minors leading to undergraduate research opportunities & internships are more popular. One may also come across students inclined particularly towards undergraduate fine arts programs and undergraduate humanities courses, especially through accredited undergraduate majors in business and liberal arts. In all this interest serves them as a guide to undergraduate dissertations in social sciences towards successful accomplishment of the degree.

Top online undergraduate degree programs can be categorized in two major segments; either it has to be a 2-year undergraduate degrees program or it has to be a 4-year undergraduate degrees program.

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2-year undergraduate degrees program

United States hosts around a lot many school of undergraduate studies along with 1,000- two-year best colleges and universities for undergraduate degree option colleges; which are also famous as junior or community colleges. Students selecting a two-year program take up a path in advanced learning in order to attain an associate/intermediate degree. These degrees are honored either by a technical college or by a community or junior college signifying the completion of a course of learning with a prominent foundation in general education with a focused approach in a specific segment.

Two year undergraduate degree credit hour requirements yielding you 60 semester credit hours make you eligible to attain an associate degree. Guidelines for undergraduate minors and concentrations usually comprises of general learning necessities, needs of your major (or focused approach to your study segment) and electives (segment of your selection basis your area of interest).

Both the Associate degrees; the Associate of Arts degree also known as A.A and Associate of science degree also known as A.S. degree are crafted in manner to support smooth transition of these students to a 4-year college or university. I.e. A student who has earned an A.A. in Early Childhood Education becomes eligible for a transit to a 4-year university followed by a degree to facilitate a career as an teacher at a preschool or elementary school.

A.A.S. degree or the Associate of Applied Science degree is an addition to the family of two year degrees and it has been helping the students as a tailor made option for those who are willing to join workforce straight away post completion of their two years of study. These degrees well known as occupational or vocational are highly favored by companies and organizations dealing in science and technology for mid-level jobs.

4-year undergraduate degrees program

United States hosts around 2,000 4-year colleges and universities offering four-year programs where students attain a bachelor's degree. Also famous as a "college degree," this undergraduate bachelor's degree usually takes four years for completion; built of 120-128 semester credit hours where one is allowed to transfer 60 from an associate degree from an community college as mentioned above in aforesaid article of 2 year programs.

The syllabus of most undergraduate programs is based on "liberal arts" viewpoint where students need to learn courses from all segments to help them form a vast and strong learning establishment.

Study or learning segment of this general education consists of the below subjects :
  • English composition
  • History
  • Humanities
  • Mathematics
  • Natural or physical sciences
  • Social sciences
On successful submission of the basics needed of the syllabus, most of the alliance support and advise the students to opt for a specific field of study; called the MAJOR, which usually becomes the future career of the student. It is advisable to select a major in an educational area that happens to be your area of interest which also happens to be your career in future you have been seeking of. Last two years are utilized for focusing on subject directly related to your Majors. Few of the four year colleges or universities stress on groundwork for particular skilled areas such as agriculture and other specialized fields, business, engineering, fine arts, pharmacy and so on.

Bachelor's degrees are generally in two segments; Bachelor of Arts degrees and Bachelor of Science degrees. If one opts for a B.A., the greater part of your assignments will naturally be in the field of arts including social sciences, humanities or fine arts. Students selecting a B.S. degree have their core courses in mathematical sciences, life or physical sciences.

Best undergraduate engineering schools with syllabus of students in Majors with Business, Science or engineering is more stringently structured as compared to Humanities or social sciences. Also Business, Engineering and science majors student might have to opt for enhanced courses related to their major and also do not benefit out of optional, or voluntary courses.