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Find Top Online Degrees Options with Distance Learning, Explore Best Career Options from Accredited Online Colleges and Campus Universities to choose a Degree from Undergraduate Diploma to PhD Programs | SchoolandUniversity.com
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Top Online Degree Options with Distance Learning

Top Online Degree Options with Distance Learning

Degree can be said to be an award or recognition of an individual for attaining or achieving successfully and satisfactorily the prescribed course of study. Individuals who have executed a scholarly venture are considered to be commendable enough to be awarded a degree. Some of the best campus and online university degree programs are Doctoral, Master’s, Bachelor’s and Associate’s degrees. SchoolandUniversity.com might assist you as a guide to online degrees and online education or can help individuals with online degree choices with campus programs.

We are living in a competitive globalized world labor market, where one would want to have all the advantages over others to get a job, pay and maximum benefits one wants. Degree happens to be one of those things to give you that extra edge over others to help you attain your career goals.

In a broader aspect “more opportunity” can be a synonym for “Degree”. Different from past years; getting highly paid careers for high school graduates is nearly next to impossible today. The U.S. has dramatically evolved from a manufacturing-based economy to a knowledge based economy, compelling to compare the importance of a college education today with that of a high school education for decades ago.

Let us articulate a few more reasons to explain the importance of why one should find top online degree options with distance learning education and best online colleges and universities or opt for accredited online colleges and campus universities degree courses ranging from undergraduate diploma to PhD programs leading to high paying jobs.

  • Post secondary education students get the advantage of reading books and listening to lectures of experts in their specific fields; which enhances and encourages their thought process, raise queries and explore new horizons to their dreams. Entire process then makes way for extra augmentation and development and offers college graduates with an added advantage over others who did not opt for higher education. Options with your college subjects provide you a broad view of the world tomorrow.

  • Importance of college education is also emphasized due to the opportunities it provides to increase precious resources across your professional tenure. Career options with a graduate degree courses have brighter prospects; as compared to others. More and more links collected and developed during your college tenure, the more varied alternatives you will have while you search for your new job. The job search ends with an appropriate career inception but still the offerings of college education do not come to end….as during your career path it provides you with better promotion prospects.

  • Hence why go to college? The benefits and opportunities do not start and conclude with the job portion. Good education is helpful from varied viewpoints. Various online and on campus study programs by degree level are listed below for ready reference:

    1. Non Degree
      1. Certificate Programs
      2. Diploma Courses
    2. Undergraduate Degree
      1. Associate's Degree
      2. Bachelor's Degree
    3. Graduate Degree
      1. Doctorate Programs
      2. Specialist Degree
      3. First Professional Degree
      4. Master's Degree
    4. Postgraduate Certificate
    5. High School Diploma
    6. General Education Development (GED)

Duration of Study:

A common thought that haunts everyone of us is how long it usually takes to get awarded different educational degrees, which happens to be a very good and valid question as it helps in planning your education followed with your career. Usually the tenure of study might differ basis the situations, below mentioned is a broad overview of something that can be expected:

  • 0 - 1 year Curriculum – Certificates
  • 1 - 2 years Curriculum – Diplomas
  • 2 - 3 years Curriculum - Advanced Diplomas
  • 3 - 4 years Curriculum – Degrees
  • 1+ year(s) Curriculum - Post Graduate qualifications
* Tenures might differ from institute to institute, these are mere indications.

The following diagram would help us understand the different stages of education with a better perspective… One can start from a certificate course, then Diplomas and advanced diplomas if the financial condition permits. This all is followed by Degrees such as Bachelor’s and Master’s degree post which one becomes eligible for the PG – Post graduate degrees or Doctorates.
Education Stages
Universally known; but less accepted fact is that education always helps you live a better and prosperous life. Individuals who have accomplished their online associate’s degree programs live a better earning as compared to non degree options. However; individuals who have successfully completed their online bachelor degree programs or online masters’ degree programs are on top of the list. The higher your studies; the higher would be the pay package that one can expect. A graphical picture would help us understand the concept in a rather more user friendly manner.
Education Pays

Note: Data are for persons age 25 and over. Earnings are for full-time wage and salary workers.
Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics, Current Population Survey.