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Graduate Students are the Worst? How to Be a Better Graduate Student? Browse Top Online Degree Programs for Graduate Students and Recent Ph.D.s - Exploring
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Best Graduate Programs and Degree Options - Grad Students

Best Graduate Programs and Degree Options - Grad Students

Graduation usually happens to be an event to be celebrated thoroughly as it signifies one of the prominent achievements of an individual's life. Recognition of the academic achievements does need this special treatment. It is the inception to the pathway towards a totally new beginning to their life - personal or professional.

A very old saying tells us that the best thing that a man can do - is to learn. Money that can be stolen or lost - strength and health are likely to fail at times - but Knowledge - Skills - education is something that you have given to your mind or brains and it remains with you forever.... One of the educationalists - William Butler Yeats is of the opinion that "Education is not filling a pail - but is like lighting a fire - which will enlighten a lot of people."

Individuals from best graduate schools with top graduate degree programs or any of the leading graduate school of USA - but the journey does not stop here. There is a lot more to graduation including graduate international admission requirements - academic writing for graduate students - admission to a graduate certificate program - graduate housing - graduate student handbook - graduate student exchange programs - graduate student loan limits - graduate scholarships by grade level - graduate business schools - education schools - graduate engineering schools - graduates from law schools and medical schools.

Graduation has always been in the limelight. May it be cost of attendance for graduate students or graduate student grant programs or may be the funding and fellowships. "Student Loan Interest Rate" or a high school which has evolved with a "new graduation plan" or a school which initiated "online classes to boost graduation rates".

SchoolandUniversity.com would like to take you all on a short verbatim trip of the graduation world full of Myths - suggestions and advises

  • A. The ones who are thinking of attaining graduation - Preparations
  • B. The ones who are in the process of graduation - How to be a successful graduate
  • A. The ones who are thinking of attaining graduation - Preparations

    If we are to believe the U.S. Department of Education data - an stunning quarter of the freshmen students don't continue till Sophomore session - which indicates that most of the issues arise while completion of the first year. This quarter of the population also includes students who would have left for some other institute as they did not find the current alliance to be a fit for them or they were fit for it. Selecting the right fitment of college or institute for your kid or for your self is of utter importance as it would reduce a lot of chances of failures. A few more contributors towards successful attainment of graduation comprise of:

    • Parent/ Guardian Intervention:

      Parents or guardians need to put their foot down and set graduation as a goal for their kids. We will not pay any of expenses after 4 years of graduation. This clear demarcation makes kids/students have a clear focus and segmented approach towards what they are supposed to achieve and that too in given deadlines.

    • Optional attendance:

      Students now a day's are not serious about their studies. They are more inclined towards the joys and materialistic aspects of college life. This leads to a situation where they attend their classes as and when they feel like doing so - and not as a mandatory way of educational life. By skipping lectures/classes the terms and years required for achieving the required credits get prolonged resulting in delayed graduation. Chances of gaining academic achievements are very few so never ever skip your classes…

    • Change your Majors in due course - if needed A freshman who changes his major will not delay the graduation but a junior who attempts to do so will certainly get a delayed graduation. Today students are taking up double and triple majors which are as such time consuming - where as with altered major the tenure is prolonged significantly. Be extra careful while selecting your major at the end of the sophomore and once done....make sure to stick to it.
    • Credits are hard earned - do not lose them American education system constitute of factors where one is bound to lose credit scores every single time they take transfers. May it be a transfer from community college to a four year college or merely a four year to four year college transfer - it does cost you the credits. The tried and tested solution to it is to opt for a college very carefully and once selected show that kind of longevity. If in case you secure admission into a community college - pay extra attention to the subjects/classes that could help your transfer at least credit stake to a four year college. Advanced academic degrees always need enhanced credit scores.
  • B. The ones who are in the process of graduation - How to be a successful graduate

    Students should not take too much time to assess that undergraduate (bachelor's) degree studies vary from graduate school level. Until the last year of your graduation - you are not sure about your control over your academic future. In such situations; discipline - motivation - enthusiasm and aspects like this play a very major role. Please read through for further clarity:

    • Targeted approach:

      Students; while they graduate - should take charge of situation instead of thinking by the late years as well what they plan to do or which career they want to select. Business - academic programs of study - public sector - professional schools or whatever it is - preplan about it and decide it firmly. This will also be helpful in steering your studies towards a fruitful direction of your interest and exploring opportunities in professional development.

    • Value your time:

      You might have Classes - hands on experience - extracurricular activities - work and personal life and many more things on the cards at the same time. Preparing well planned yearly - monthly and weekly routines - goals and to do lists would be of great help for both long term and short term goals. This kind of arrangement will soon become a way of life for you and will take you to be a successful individual.

    • Learning never Stops: Graduate students depression does exist but; one must keep updating your knowledge bank constantly; it is mandatory for career and professional development. Seek guidance from professors and professors - experienced and inexperienced about How to study ? Questions asked with a focus to succeed will ensure the quality of answers you get. Keep preparing simple notes for anything and everything you learn which might help you in future. Trade magazines - newspapers and journals - student workshops- association with graduate student council - graduate student news and more of the field you are inclined in are better for segmented insight and keep you posted on recent developments about programs for graduate students and recent PhDs or graduate school admission requirements for further studies.
  • All this would be followed with deciding and preparing for graduate student orientation - then the Graduation party - graduation program wordings for the graduation cards– arrangements for Graduation Photos.