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Study Programs

The study programs available in the fields like Criminal Justice, Culinary Arts, Computer and Information Technology, Health Care and medical services, Legal and paralegal and many more are collected here for your reference. Whether you choose to pursue a degree in Hospitality Management, Criminal Justice or any other, it will be a good idea to consider the following when making a choice:

Tuition and Fees
Find out the total cost of tuition and fees for a given program; add to that the cost of books, boarding and lodging. If you trying to get into a campus based program find out exactly how much time and money are you going to spend commuting to school. Are you planning to work to support yourself financially while you pursue your educational goals? Find out about your class timings and plan accordingly. Consider the extra effort required to work weekends and study for exams. Are your work timings flexible? Take a good look at your school calendar (most schools generally have one available online). Inform your employer or work place about your exam and test dates to avoid problems later on.

Application deadlines
Most schools and universities publish their admission deadlines on their website. Take time to prepare for your admission. Finding and arranging your documents, writing an application essay, sending your test scores, checking for prerequisites and transferring credits take time. Make sure you have enough time before you start your application. Collect the documents and send it on time to avoid paying late fees. Call or email to find your admission status. Visit the school or university to solve any queries or doubts you may have. Be prepared to pay your fees and other financial dues when the school or university grants you admission and notifies you to make the payment.

Duration of program
The duration of the study program is an important factor to consider before you embark on your educational journey. Most study programs have a fixed schedule for completing the course. Make sure you do not have any major commitments while you pursue your education at school. Most schools and universities have strict policies about taking time off. Taking time to research this now will save you from trouble later.

Preferred method of study
Are you comfortable studying on your own? Are you disciplined enough to complete your homework and reading assignments (without supervision)? Do you seek the company and support of a study group? Do you plan to stay on campus while you finish your four-year degree? Many colleges and universities offer online and campus based study programs. Visit the school or university to find out about the campus, dining on campus, job availability on campus and many more before making a choice. Also, talk to a student counselor or mentor at the school to find out about taking both online and on campus classes.

Prerequisites for the program
Many study programs listed here have certain number of prerequisites for admission and enrollment. Most colleges list the requirements online. Please verify the requirements for admission. School authorities can waive certain prerequisites but a separate waiver application is required. The time taken to process the waiver application differs from one institute to another. If you are not sure about the entire process, talking or writing to the concerned department will get you the correct information and save you time and money.

Licensing examinations
Certain programs prepare you for a career in a particular field but local, state and federal laws may require you to obtain a license before you can practice. Find out about licensing requirements in your state, the application fees for a license and the time taken to process the application.