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Smart Careers for High School Graduates

Smart Careers for High School Graduates

We are been taught that one needs education, going to school or going to college because that’s the way of life to earn name, fame and stability. So moral of the story is that enhanced education can be associated with enhanced earnings as per U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics.

The considerable and proven track record of college graduates has enhanced the need of further education or education after high school certification, dynamically changing the current education system. In the past decade reputed and recognized universities have raised the bar of standards of education in terms of high school graduation rate; however they have simultaneously increased the education cost by 439% as quoted by U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics, where commercial or self financed institutions are on a spree to accommodate students who cannot afford conventional colleges.

More and more high school graduates are nowadays seeking options to earn more, either to fund their further education or getting highly paid is their goal of life. Nearly every student from all stages of education are looking out either for - best high paying jobs for college graduates or careers after high school certification or after high school diploma jobs. lists the ten highest paying careers as high school graduates career options or smart career jobs:

  • Air Traffic Controllers

    Air traffic controllers are at the first position in the top ten lists of smart career jobs with annual salary of $107,600. Mainly responsible for managing the aircraft traffic in the skies for civilian, military & commercial purpose.

    Exclusively structured training by as dictated by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) proves tremendously helpful for High school graduates who need a 3 year full time work experience, or prior experience as a military air traffic controller or a four year college degree. Eligibility of students who are united state citizens and speak fluent English and have applied for Air traffic controller position is dictated by FAA - followed by security and medical test including drug screening test.

    Oklahoma city hosts this initial training for these students for 12 weeks & post completion of this syllabus; the recruits are assigned the job as Junior Air traffic controllers to gain on job training or working experience ranging from two and four years.

  • Managers

    The second in the list are the careers as Managers earning $79,200 annually. A management role in your career field earns you extra money. Promotions might come a bit slow as management works on principals of experience, longevity, respect, trust and much more. To start with, one needs general office managing skills backed up with computers and communication skills. Rest is your general attitude and behaviour towards others as actions speaks louder than words. Open to changes and taking up additional tasks/assignments would help you being noticed by your superiors and consideration for promotions. Simultaneously one can continue to pursue a graduate equivalency degree.
  • Nuclear Power Reactor Operators

    On job trainings are the key for becoming a successful Nuclear Power Reactor Operators for those who are passionate about science and mathematics and it also serves as one of the best high school graduate career option. Generally a high school or trade school education attained individual can earn an annual salary of $66,200 by opting to become a Nuclear Power Reactor Operators.

    These professional’s career progression happens through tough curriculum of on job training. Government issued clearance, enhanced maths and science skills and high school diploma, computer skills serve as basic requirements. Initially new joiners are been assigned with laborious or clerical works and looking at their sincerity and skills they are elevated to high earning jobs through intense trainings. Placement exam results conducted at the initial stage for these candidates are of high importance as their first placement and following career opportunities and advancements depend on it largely. It takes 3 years for an individual to become a Nuclear Power Reactor Operators for an individual since the day he/she gets entry level job.

  • Sales Representatives

    Profession as a Sales representative happens to be one of the money minting professions in this world. Sale of more expensive product or service yields more money. Larger the face value cost of the service or product the larger is the commission. Sales Representatives in the field of manufacturing, technical products and wholesale earn hefty wage of up to $60,800.

    Not all sales representative jobs require any formal training or education. Basic high school education suffices all. Some technically inclined jobs are given to college graduates or graduate equivalency degree holders whereas the others are as such open for all. Previous sales experience and track record of sales success happens to be of uttermost importance. Courses or seminars on marketing, economics, and sales help these professional to get an edge over others in absence of a college degree. Companies also invest on freshers by providing on job trainings.

  • Detectives And Criminal Investigators

    Detectives and criminal Investigators have a different and high credit standing in any society. Initial employment to begin with is of a police officer followed by climbing the ladder to higher ranks to become a detective without further education, however now a days it is becoming increasingly important and necessary to have a 4 year degree in criminal justice or graduate equivalency degree for career advancement.

    Local or state pole force normally with annual Salary of $55,800 needs high school education to get hired, but more and more departments are making it mandatory to have a 4 year degree or a graduate equivalency degree. Active involvement in sports activities while high school days which enhances the ready for action attitude and physical development are considered to be an added advantage to the profile of the applicants.

    Hiring is followed by rigorous 14 week training program include learning activities such as civil rights, constitutional law, state and local law and order, fundamentals of profession such as firearms, self defence, emergency response, first aid, traffic control, patrolling and many more.


The afore mentioned list states that there are professions that exist which earn you more without any college degree or graduate equivalency degree; however at the same time it is also observant that there are professions which do require a specialized technical skill in form of college degree and training is essential for most of them. Sincere and serious look at your interest and skills is a must before jumping to any profession in case you feel that further education and college degree is not your cup of tea.

There is lot more than money to a successful career. Stability, growth, happiness, job market, economy - these are some of the factors that are to be considered along with money while selecting a career. Job markets are becoming more volatile making college degrees more common which means come what may, education does have its importance when it comes to Career research, career advancement or for your career development.