Smart Careers After an Associate’s Degree - Top Highest Paying Jobs

Smart Careers After an Associate’s Degree - Top Highest Paying Jobs

The melting economy; resulting in financial crisis have brought about a tremendous change in the mind sets of the population. Students have suddenly started targeting Associate degrees as smart careers after an associate’s degree are far more lucrative as compared to other options; who never ever had even thought about it. People have started looking at it as a new way to fight and survive this tough job market. Many people unexpectedly became conscious about the importance of education and this is how Associate degrees became more popular for several reasons:

  • One can start earning in may be one to two years.
  • Short schooling tenure to make them more affordable.
  • On completion; you can get a high-paying and in-demand job.
  • Easily available at community colleges for whom traditional universities are less accessible.
  • College credit requirements for associate’s degree are attainable.
If you belong to the segment of students/individuals who think that a boost in their education might yield them the ticket to achieve top highest paying majors without a college degree, might consider one of these careers. Possibilities of few employers who might require specific blend of a degree, know-how and qualifications; cannot be ruled out.

Professionals at; listed down a few smart careers after an associate’s degree with median annual salary and the projected growth rate; basis the Bureau of Labor Statistics:

1. Associate’s degrees in computer technology

Professionals working in information-technology departments while they respond to issues that employees report with technical apparatus, mostly the computers are known as Computer Support Specialists. They try to resolve software and hardware problems to increase productivity. Role specifics in an organization either make them work as technical support or as help desk technicians.

2. Associate’s degree as Dental assistants and hygienists

As the name specifies; Dental assistants work under the direction of dentists to organize patients for the dental test or help the dentist with the entire process. These professionals do perform some tasks but are not to be mixed with dental hygienists, who are supposed to attend different trainings and usually perform extra concerned tasks, including managing the anaesthetics or functioning with the substance or objects used as fillings.

3. Associate’s degree as Engineering technicians

Professionals who address technical issues in the varied field of engineering are called Engineering technicians. They usually assist the engineers for the research and development of stuff.

4. Associate’s degree as Occupational therapist assistants and physical therapist assistants

Professionals in this segment assist and follow the directions of occupational and physical therapists to facilitate in rehabilitating patients. Their basic profile is to attend patients and to document and testify their progress to the therapist.

5. Associate’s degree in law and paralegal studies

Professionals who investigate to collect information on legal documents and other applicable materials used by attorneys for trials and other proceedings are called paralegals.

6. Associate’s degree as Radiation therapists

Radiation therapists are supposed to provide radiation therapy to patients as directed by the radiologist. Monitoring patients' treatment and development in line with doctor’s direction is the primary responsibility.

7. Associate of science in nursing

Nurses are found in every health-care facility one can think of. Taking care of the patients in a variety of ways which includes managing their medication as directed by the physician, observing their vital signs and assisting with other needs.

Profession/Career/Jobs Projected Growth : 2008-2018 Salary
Computer Support Specialists 78,000 $54,963
Dental Assistants 105,600 $38,359
Dental hygienists 62,900 $69,907
Engineering Technicians 25,800 $52,753
Occupational Therapist assitants 7,900 $42,416
Physical therapist assistants 21,200 $42,416
Paralegals 74,100 $58,236
Radiation Therapists 4,100 $70,512
Registered nurses 581,500 $67,217
*Projected job growth figures based on data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.