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What is a High School Diploma? Find Accredited Online High School Diploma Courses - High School Graduation & Diplomas Requirements - How to Earn an Online High School Diploma as an Adult? | SchoolandUniversity.com

Accredited Online High School Diploma Courses

Accredited Online High School Diploma Courses

Number of students with High school diploma rises in America

The number of students who have identified and are attaining a high school diploma/high school graduation requirements is consistently been rising. There are more and more students throughout the country who attain successful completion of their high school diploma in time. Report from America’s Promise Alliance quotes; the national graduation rate reached 75.5 percent in 2009, from a 72 percent for the year 2001 and targeted to reach 90% by 2020.

High School Diploma Survey Report

What is a High School Diploma?

It is a degree for those who have successfully completed their high school curriculum. It is the minimum educational qualification needed for enhanced education and careers in government sector. GED (General Education Diploma) is considered to be equivalent to a high school diploma.

Requirements tend to differ from state to state for acquiring a high school diploma or its equivalent. The requirements differ in terms of either studying a foreign language or the tenure that students are needed to attend school for attaining a high school diploma. It can be the level of studies in the syllabus or the types of syllabus vary prominently.

What are different types of diplomas?

Enlisted are a few types of on-campus and accredited online high school diploma courses:
  • Certificate of Completion - Awarded to disabled students who accomplished their Individualized Education Program (IEP) target; but are not qualifying for high school diploma. It can be considered equivalent to certificate of attendance, which is not an authenticated true high school diploma.

  • College preparation - Awarded to students who have achieved the coursework and grades targeted for eligibility of minimum entrance prerequisites for public universities in the state.

  • Honors diploma high school - Awarded to student who have a track record of excellent academic achievements.

  • International baccalaureate diploma programs - Awarded to students who have successfully accomplished the International Baccalaureate program.

  • Technical or vocational Diploma programs - Awarded to students on accomplishing a technical training program?

In most of the American states; aforesaid are the same diplomas, though with different names. Apart from students with Certificate of completion and Certificate of attendance; all others are considered equivalent to high school graduates. They get entitled to attend, any of the community college or university of their choice; on fulfilling the eligibility criteria.


General high school program or high school education is well known for offering an interactive educational environment with learning in varied general topics.

The syllabus mainly comprises of
  • American and world language and literature,
  • Economics,
  • English composition,
  • Introductory course to computers and computer applications.
  • Personal health,
  • U.S. and world history
Syllabus in subjects of Science includes :
  • Biology
  • Environmental science
  • Physical science
  • Lab sessions for - physical science, biology, chemistry, and physics.

Student might come across top online schools for high school diplomas, colleges and universities offering online assistance and support. Internet resources and facility for a 24-hour accessibility to library well equipped with study materials and relevant audio-video material cannot be denied nowadays.

Specifications mentioned above are mere indications and tend to vary for different institutes.

How to Get a High School Diploma?

Though the number of people with High school diploma has gone up; however the ones who are college drop outs of their times, face a lot of problems getting a well paid job or getting ahead in their professions. A lot of them wish to accomplish their high school diploma. Enlisted are the various options apart from regular schools and coursework; offered by American education system, especially for those who are willing to achieve their high school diploma, either as freshers or after being drop outs. The fact remains that a high school degree would open up, more doors to a successful future.

General Education Diploma – (GED)

A General Education Diploma (GED) degree is the best offering by the American education system to the ones wanting to accomplish their high school education. This degree is conducted at the stage of 10th level including math, science, social studies and English. Passing out in all the four areas is mandatory. The courses might be online or campus based at a local school or community center; depending on the state education parameters. Adult high school diploma courses and courses for teenagers; both are available for eligible students.

Few of the states for eliminating the difference in high school diploma v/s GED provide the facility where students can appear for GED without completing any syllabus/assignments. On receipt of the GED from the State Department of Education, it might be recorded and considered as a high school diploma. There is no marking which would distinguish GED from a usual high school diploma.

Job Corps

Students in the age group of 16-24 years and with few income eligibility criteria; are been offered GED completion courses accompanied with technical trade alternatives known as JOB Corps, which is under the jurisdiction of United States Department of Labor.

Job Corps offers enlisted facilities to enrolled students free of cost:
  • Free room and board
  • GED completion courses
  • Technical trade education
  • Job placement

A few of the Job Corps have a tie up with the local junior colleges; which help them with a two-year associate's degree. This is an additional advantage for students of 16 and 24 years of age seeking a high school degree.

College Completion Programs

A few of the community colleges in America put forward a high school completion program. Usually these programs are meant to be free and are conducted at community colleges. Adults who were not able to complete their high school education are major participants. They also intend to go to a junior college post high school diploma accomplishment. Professors teach the syllabus and an added advantage of a college campus atmosphere. The only challenge that is been observed is that these courses designed keeping in mind the age factor of adults; hence are designed in a manner which prove to be a bit complex if compared to a usual GED course. Students are recommended to get in touch with their nearest community college for further assistance.

GED Online

Keeping in mind the evolving technology, computer literacy and the time constrains of this fast life; American education system provides students with numerous online GED sites. These sites allow achievement of GED as an online module. Students are advised to check for authenticity of the site and not fall prey to phishing/malicious websites.

Sites offering online courses prove to be really useful, they offer courses in:

  • Four areas of English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social studies

These courses and its time lines are designed; keeping in mind the convenience of students from their own location; home, office or a cybercafe. Not to forget that there is a cost involved for completion of high school diploma trough these sites in form of fees.

Advantages of a High School Diploma

May it be education experts or print and electronic media; the spotlight widely is on the significance of college degrees, leading to a well paying job resulting in a successful life. This may be taken as an indication that increasing number of students attain high school diploma at appropriate age or even earlier in some cases. However; the number of dropouts has also increased considerable along with the ones who graduated, for reasons including legal issues, financial problems and health hazards as well. SchoolandUniversity.com recommends students to understand the importance of high school diploma. It is a gateway towards a successful professional and personal life; which is not meant for drop outs.

Admissions opportunities - Colleges and Universities

High school diplomas and GED; both are been used extensively as a eligibility criteria at most of the institutes across united states of America. If American Council on Education quote is to be believed; then five percent of the first year students in college campuses are found with a GEDs and not a high school diploma. However; there are certain benefits of a high school diploma at this entry level which cannot be denied. Students with High school diploma have an added advantage because of the selection norms with regards to high school ratings and class ranks which help them acquire seats at prominent institutes. Authorities in the admission panel can gauge and assess the level of competition managed by a high school diploma student at a particular high school; which unfortunately is not possible in case of a GED certified student.

Contributions to Community

A very interesting and motivating fact is that high school graduates during their careers prove to be the highest tax payers, may it be Local, state or Federal taxes; as compared to dropouts. In turn these tax payments are utilized for social causes and purposes including schools, roadways and public monuments representing developed and secure communities. High school diploma holders are capable enough and hence require less assistance in form of government aid once they get employed – saving government money to be utilized for better community causes. These people usually have a well paid job and live a successful life; leading to contribution towards charity and are also able to fulfill their hobbies and dreams; increasing their motivational level.

Earning potential

High school diploma holders are likely to earn about $158 additional every week as wages; if compared to people without a diploma. This earning difference is purely based on the kind of employment that a high school graduate gets against a non diploma holder. This is also because a high school diploma creates high regards about the holder indicating commitment towards work and life. It helps them to get offered permanent employment and not on contractual basis.

Career prospects

United States Census Bureau quotes that high school diploma holders have 37 percent more chances of getting employed better and faster as compared to dropouts. High school diploma happens to be seen with high regards; as it is an indicator of minimum qualification and commitment towards tasks taken. Dropouts or non diploma holders may face challenges in getting employed outside their periphery of minimum wages or low paying jobs; which graduates do not opt for. Boosting up job prospects is easier for experienced participants in sports, clubs and extracurricular activities at high school level after their graduation.

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